Summer Camp

During Summer camp we usually tackle a national river with canoes, kayaks and boats which are not often seen away from the sea or from lakes. It is an adventure and a challenge for all taking part


The TaurusII shoots Bennetsbridge wier as SÚan O Seaghadh looks on


The " Big A" wier on the river Boyne


The 5th Port flotilla on the river Nore


The Vega II shoots a wier


Camp is not the only time for fun and games. Every weekend there is at least one activity organised by the troop for members of all ages.


New skills developed at the " Bellingham Duck" an interwatch competition


An aerial runway built and enjoyed by the scouts themselves 

A pioneering activity


A winter hike on the Dublin Mountains


David Nolan at home on the monkey ropesEach year we run a Parents Day, the parents of the scouts get to watch thier sons and daughters take part in a number of competitions, not least of which is the grueling Obsticle Course, while they contemplate the clean-up later on.

Good clean fun!


Canoeing and kayaking togeather with rowing are some of our most central activities. They provide fun and excitment for all involved.

CiarÓn Weafer shoots Chapelizod Wier with style.

Venture leader Paddy sea canoeing in our own Blue lagoon.

Shooting Chapelizod Wier with slightly less style!


Rowing requires more discipline and teamwork than canoeing but can be a very rewarding activity for the crews prepared to train to racing standard.

Pulling with all thier might an U17's crew race to the finish line for the Woodlatimer Cup

A BP18 crew at the Sea Scout Regatta. The BP18 is the official sea scout boat in Ireland and can be both rowed and rigged for sail.

Pulling togeather - the key to good rowing and the spirit of good scouting


The motley crew of the old boys hike 1999.Aonghus Norton dashes to the warmth of the den from the frigidity of the Irish Sea on Christmas afternoon.Every year over the Christmas season we hold a number of annual events. They are The Christmas Hike (formerly known as The Old Boys Hike), The Christmas Day Swim (a very quick 50m swim) and The Vulcan Run (a sponsored 10km run on the Bull Island organised by the Vulcan Wrestling Club). These events never fail to put some scouting cheer into the Christmasses of all those who take part.




More pictures of 5th Port activities can be seen on the 5th Port Wednesday Sea Scout Troop Photo Gallery.