The sad bells tolled their parting knell a faithful priest had died .

The mourners came from far and near

Their grief was hard to hide.

They knelt in prayerful silence

As his funeral mass was read

Then laid him down in hallowed ground    

Among the silent dead


Just a lad, like other lads

So full of life and fun

Uncertain of his future

Not knowing which course to run

Then the Master smiled and whispered

"Dan, Come follow me"

He knew he had a winner

An Apostle Dan would be.


His sacrifice was great indeed

he did not count the cost

Full in the flower of youth and life

He set out to find the 'lost'

Seven years in Maynooth College

To test his zeal and faith

then at last a priest forever

Back in June of '38.


Knocknagoshel, Killeentierna

Dear Lixnaw and Millstreet Town,

Castleisland and Listowel

Then P.P. of Brosnan Town.

Whereever he has ministered

He's remembered to this day.

We will not forget his memory

And we know for us he'll pray.


At last to Abbeydorney

Near his hometown Sweet Tralee

Where the final words were spoken

Of his priestly ministry.

In this peaceful bit of heaven

God was very close indeed,

With the loving care of Hannah

Who took care of every need.


In the good old days of youth's life

He was full of wit and fun.

The games of life with zeal he played

With ball, or hound or gun.

His family were his pride and joy

He was theirs through thick and thin

To enlighten and to counsel

When their case was put to him.


Nothing stays the same in life

And illness takes its toll.

At times, dear Lord, the going is tough

Sure it pains the very soul

For a sensitive man in many ways

And shy beyond our ken,

The duties of his priestly life

Could be quite a cross for him.


But now the trials are over

For this good and kindly man.

There's a spot just filled in heaven

By a priest called "Fr. Dan"

His spirit now shines brightly forth

Tho he lies beneath the sod;

A grue pastor, friend and confidante

Fifty Golden Years for God.

Anna Bella (Reen) O'Sullivan

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