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Every day is A S H O O R A . . . and every land is K A R B A L A


AHLUL- BAYT Islamic Centre, commonly known as HUSSIANIA is a purpose built
Islamic centre in Ireland including the Northern Ireland. Its aims and objectives are to
serve the social , cultural and spritual needs of the entire Shi’a Muslim population of
Ireland. There are about 1000 Shi’a Muslims working, studying and living in Ireland.

Historical Background:

The foundation of HUSSIANIA was laid down some time during the 1970’s by a few Shi’a
Muslim medical students, who came to Dublin from the Middle Eastern countries to study
at the Royal College of surgeon, Dublin. These students hired a small house in the
Portobello area of Dublin and then after a few years when this place was not big enough to
accommodate every one, they moved to a bigger house in Rathgar. Gradually this place
become known to other Shi'a Muslims living and working in Ireland. After a few years
later even this house was not big enough to cater for the religious and spiritual needs of
Irish Shi'a Muslim community. It was time to find a bigger and better space to serve
properly the socio-cultural and religious needs of this small but growing Shi'a Muslim
community of Ireland. During the 1990’s the local Irish Shi'a Muslim community decided
to build a proper Shi'a Muslim Islamic Center. They tapped on their own resources and
constructed a purpose built center in the Milltown area of Dublin 14. Hussainia, Ahlul
-Bait Shi'a Islamic Center was officially opened in September 1996.

A full time resident Imam- Sayyed Ali Abdullah decided to return to Ireland in order to
assume his official duty as a religious head of this center. He is a noble and qualified Shi’a
Muslim religious scholar from the highest Muslim academic institution of Qum, Iran
(known as Hawza ).

The Imam of this Hussainia is not only responsible for the Islamic needs of the Shi'a
Muslim community of Ireland but also anyone interested in the religion of Islam and
Islamic world.


The center is an active and thriving Islamic institution and is open every day for the after
noon and evening prayers (salaa) it also conducts Dua Kumayal (special supplication) on
every Thursday after the evening prayers. The center regularly holds lectures on various
Islamic topics and issues on every Saturday from 8 PM. These lectures are open to
anyone wishes to come along and are free of charge. The center offers a Friday afternoon
prayer a recommended ritual through out the Islamic world. It conducts special occasion
ceremonies through out the year. The Shi’a Muslim Islamic calendar is full of such special
occasions for example birth and death anniversaries of twelve Imams or Ahlul Bayt i.e. the
family of Prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h) and his progeny (Aimmah).

The Fundamentals of Islam:

Islam is a perfect code of life. In presenting this code of life, Islam provides both for the
formation of basic ideas and also for the implementing those ideas in to practice. For any
one to become Muslim and believe in Islam one simply accept the following :


LA ILAHA ILLALLAH:   There is no God but Allah
MUHAMMADUN RASOOLULLAH:   Our Prophet, Muhammad Mustafa (Peace ofAllah
be upon him) is the messenger of Allah.
ALIYUN WALI-ULLAH: Imam Ali, the first Imam (Peace of Allah be on him) is the
guardian (Imam) appointed by Allah.
WASI-O-RASOOLILAH: He (Imam Ali) is the rightful executor of the will of the Prophet.

Note:   whenever we utter or hear the name of our Prophet, we should say salawat. ( O
            Allah bless Muhammad and the Progeny of Muhammad)


What is Islam?

Islam consists of beliefs, which are the fundamental principals (roots) of the religion, and practices, which are the branches of the religion:

  1. Usool Al-Deen (Roots of the religion):

    1. Taw'heed (Oneness of GOD): Taw'heed means God is one. He has neither a colleague nor a partner. He begets not, nor is He begotten, there is non like Him.
    2. Adl (Justice of GOD): It means that Got is Just. He will reward or punish any person according to his deeds.
    3. Nobo'wa (Prophethood): A Nabi (prophet ) excels all other person for whom he is sent by Allah. He is Masoom ( sinless). PROPHIT MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA(blessings of Allah be on him and his progeny) is the last of the Prophets sent by Him. The Prophets sent by Allah including our Prophet, totals one hundred and twenty-four thousand.
    4. Imama (Vicegerncy of the prophet): Nobo'wa (prophethood) ended with Prophet Muhammad (pbum). The Imam has his Knowledge from GOD and his verdict is the verdict of GOD. Imams are twelve and they are the only rightful Imams. There is no successor to the Twelfth Imam . He is Alive but invisible in accordance with the will of Allah and will reappear when he commands, which will signify the coming end of the World.
    5. Qiyama (The judgment day): Is the day when GOD brings all of us to life after death, in order to be judged on what we did in our lives.
  2. Foroo'e Al-Deen (Branches of the religion):

    1. Salat (Prayers): In Islam, there are five prayers that each muslim must perform each day.
    2. Sawm (Fasting): Each year, muslims fast the month of Ramadan. Fasting begins from dawn to dusk.
    3. Alms (Zakat).
    4. The One-Fifth Tax (Khums):
    5. Haj (Pilgrimage): Every muslim must visit Macca, at least once in his/her life, to perform certain practices.
    6. Jihad (Holy war): Which is a must on every able male muslim in case of defending his Islamic country.
    7. Al-Amr Bil'ma'aroof (Advising other people): Every muslim has the obligation to advise and teach other muslims if he/she see something wrong is done.
    8. Al-Nahi An Al-Monkar (Preventing Evil): Every muslim has the duty to prevent other muslims from committing sins and evil deeds.
    9. Al-Ta'wali Li Aw'liya'a Allay (Loving the Infaliables): Loving the Infaliables means admitting their leadership to all humans, and they are the only viable source that can interpret the Holy Qor'an.
    10. Al-Ta'bari Min A'ada'a Allah (Avoiding and hating GOD's enemies).

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