Herb Recipes - Cooking with Herbs


Cooking With Herbs - a short guide


Angelica ~ Crystallised stems in cakes; fresh leaves in fruit dishes

Basil ~ Fresh leaves in pasta dishes; in pesto sauce; with tomatoes and mushrooms

Bay ~ Dried leaf in bouquet garni; in soups, stocks, stews; with fish

Borage ~ Fresh young leaves in soups and salads; flowers in salads; flowers and leaves in wine cups

Caraway ~ Seed in bread, cakes, biscuits; with cabbage, parsnips, beetroot

Celery Seed ~ In sauces and savoury biscuits; in curries and pickles

Chervil ~ Fresh leaves in fines herbes; in egg dishes, salads, soups, sauces

Chives ~ Chopped fresh leaves with soft cheeses; in salads, soups; in omelettes

Coriander ~ Fresh leaves in salads, especially carrot; seed in curries, chutneys and fresh leaf as a garnish

Dill ~ Fresh leaves with fish; in sauces and marinades for fish; in soups, salads; with potatoes, courgettes, marrow; seed in pickles; in bread and cakes

Fennel ~ Fresh leaves with fish and poultry; with soft cheeses; seed with oily fish; in sauces, soups; in teas

Garlic ~ Fresh bulb in Mediterranean cookery; in soups, casseroles, sauces, dressings, dips, mayonnaise

Ginger ~ Fresh root in stir-fries, curries; fresh or dried root in chutneys and pickles; dried, ground root in fruit dishes, cakes and biscuits; stem ginger in fruit salads

Horseradish ~ Fresh, grated root in sauces for beef, fish, shellfish

Lemon Balm ~ Fresh leaves in fruit salads; in sweet and savoury sauces; in stuffings; in wine cups

Lemon Verbena ~ Fresh leaves in fruit salads, fruit punches; in teas

Lovage ~ Fresh leaves in soups, casseroles; with poultry; in salads

Marigold ~ Fresh petals in soups; in salads; with soft cheeses

Marjoram ~ Fresh or dried leaves in bouquet garni; in soups and casseroles; with tomatoes and beans; in meat and poultry dishes

Mint ~ Fresh leaves in Middle Eastern cookery; with yoghurt; in sauces for lamb; in summer drinks and fruit salads; in teas

Nasturtium ~ Fresh petals in green salads; with soft cheeses

Oregano ~ Fresh or dried leaves in most Italian dishes, particularly pasta sauces and pizza; with meat dishes; with tomatoes, mushrooms and aubergines

Parsley ~ Fresh leaves in bouquet garni; in soups, sauces, casseroles; in butters; in salads; extensively used as a garnish

Rosemary ~ Whole fresh sprigs with lamb or poultry

Sage ~ Fresh or dried leaves in stuffings with onion; for fatty meats; in sausages; with cheeses

Savory, Summer ~ Fresh or dried with beans, lentils and peas; in soups

Sweet Cicely ~ Fresh leaves with stewed fruit, in fruit salads

Sorrel ~ Fresh leaves in sauces for fish; in soups

Tarragon ~ Fresh or dried leaves with poultry and fish; in vinegars, sauces, dressings; in omelettes and with mushrooms

Thyme ~ Fresh or dried leaves in bouquet garni; in stews, meat dishes; with tomatoes and courgettes; lemon thyme with fruit

Watercress ~ Fresh leaves in soups; in sauces for fish; in salads


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