The National Flag


The national flag of Ireland is the tricolour of Green, White and Orange. This flag was not in general use until the time of the war of independence (1919-1921). Before this flag was in use, the green flag with gold harp was our national symbol. The green, white and gold stripes were used as late back as the 18th century but, it was not until the first "Dail" the tricolours were used widely.

Article 7 of "Bunreacht na hEireann" ( constitution of Ireland) states "The National Flag is the Tricolour of Green, White and Orange."

This flag didn't come into general usage until the war of independance (1919-1921). Prior to this, the green flag with gold harp was the main symbol of nationalism. Indeed this flag flew over the G.P.O during the 1916 Rising. There have been many prior attempts to initiate a national flag. Green and Orange horizontal stripes had been used by some as early as the 18th century. But only at the creation of the first "Dail" (House of Representatives / Commons) did the current Tricolour become widely used.

There is some debate as to the true colours of the flag. The usual symbolism is the green stands for the Catholics, the orange for the Protestants and white for peace between them. Some say that the flag is gold as opposed to orange, from the gold harp on the original Green Flag.

This confusion arose in the 1916-22 period when the tricolour (the current national flag and ensign), which had previously been quite a marginal and little-known flag, was supplanting the Green Flag (the current jack) as the principal national emblem. Green and gold, the colours of the Green Flag, were regarded as the national colours throughout the nineteenth century and some of the home-made tricolours from the 1916-22 period were in fact green, white and gold.

There are also some songs from that period which refer to 'green, white and gold' flags and this helped to keep the concept alive, but the symbolism of the green, white and orange dates from 1848.

On St. Patrick's day why not wet the shamrock with a little Irish drink.

Irish Flag

- 1 part(s) Creme de Menthe (green)
- 1 part(s) Bailey's Irish Cream
- 1 part(s) Brandy

Directions/Comments: Layer the ingredients so that they don't mix and so that the order from bottom to top is Menthe, Bailey's, and Brandy. It should look orange, white and an Irish Flag.