I have been overwhelmed by the response to my  announcement that all Beanies will retire on
      December 31, 1999. Since the announcement,  there have been thousands of messages posted on
         websites worldwide discussing the discontinuation of Beanie Babies. I have received hundreds of
letters from children, educators, hospitals, clinics,  charities and collectors around the world asking
 me to reconsider my decision and create new Beanies.

    After much thought, I am willing to put the fate of Beanie Babies in your hands. You make the
decision. You have inspired the Beanie Babies line through your devotion to them. I will kickoff the
new millennium by conducting the first live worldwide vote of its kind, a global vote to
determine whether Beanie Babies should, or should not, be continued. Our Beanie Baby factories are
shut down, but if you decide that new Beanie Babies should be created, I will re-launch production.

As the new millennium begins, people in every country and every time zone in the world will have
an opportunity to participate in the "Beanie Babies Ballot". The global vote will begin on 12/31/99 at
 6:00 a.m. EST, USA. When you access you will be asked this question: "Should Ty create
new Beanie Babies in the year 2000?" The website will give detailed instructions on how to cast a
vote by internet or telephone at that time. On 1/2/00 at 6:00 a.m. EST, USA, the voting will come
to an end. Results will be final and binding.

 We will be charging an amount of U.S. $ .50 (fifty cents) per vote (which requires credit card
validation). This charge should ensure integrity of the vote, as well as prevent over-voting. Ty
employees/vendors/licensees are not eligible to vote. All proceeds (100%) from the vote will be
donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Regardless of the outcome, children
of the world will benefit from your vote. Remember that it is you that can make a
difference in this world.

 Happy Holidays Everyone!

Ty Warner