The 2 Cavalry Squadron is based in Cathal Brugha Barracks Dublin Ireland.

    The total establishment is 122 all ranks. 
    1 Commandant    3 Captains  5 Lieutenants
    1 Sqn Sgt    1 Sqms    16 Sgts    19 Cpls    76 Tprs

    The unit  is equipped as follows

    3 Panhard AML 90mm                            
    3 AML 20mm armoured cars
    11 Nissan Patrols   (
    two GR models) 
    1 DAF 4X4 TCV
    1 Mercedes 4X2 TCV

    41 Honda 650cc  Escort of Honour m\cycles. 
    3 kawasaki 250cc KLR Off road m\cycles.
    2 Suzuki DR 400cc off road m\cycles             
    (Sept 2001  figures)

    The squadrons are in the process of being reorganized 
    therefore the above figures will change

    The Squadron is an operational unit both at home (aid to the civil power tasks) and overseas with the United Nations. 
    2 Cavalry Squadron personnel have served in Zaire (Belgian Congo) Cyprus, Lebanon, Western Sahara, Bosnia, Kosovo, East Timor and troops are soon to be deployed to Eritrea as part of the Irish contingent.

            The roll of the Cavalry Squadron  
is to support the BDE

1. Reconnaissance and reporting of enemy positions.
         2. To Secure bridges and crossing points.
           3. To provide flank protection .
            4. To provide Anti Tank and Fire support.
           5. To gather intelligence.
6. To provide Convoy protection.
7. Engage targets of opportunity.

    2 Cavalry Squadron also has the honour of providing the
    Ceremonial Escort of Honour  for the President of Ireland and visiting dignitaries.