Welcome to the Halligan page
This page is dedicated to the Halligans.
so if you are not a Halligan then you are 
trespassing and in very serious trouble.

At this very moment you are being traced by the Halligan Cyber patrol 
and should hear a knock on your monitor
at any moment.   

If that didn't scare you  click here to meet the wee Family pet
This is the first HALLIGAN coat of arms which I have come across in a publication. 
I have a second Coat of Arms which I hope to publish in the near future.
If you are interested in a Halligan database which would include your email and
any relevant details which you wish to provide I will include it in the site on this page.

       Coat of Arms info

The Halligan coat of arms hereby illustrated is officially documented in
siebmacher's  wappenbuch the original description of the arms (shield) is as
When translated the blazon also describes the original colours of the Halligan arms as "blue: on a green hill, 
a gold double-tailed lion holding in its raised right paw, a sword with a gold hilt and pommel. accompanied 
in the upper right corner by a gold sun and in the upper left corner by a silver crescent." above the shield
 and helmet is the crest which is described as the lion"

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