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Hackett’s Communist WebSite




Hackett’s Communist Web Site is  dedicated to the development of communist theory and politics. This means that it is not a Leninist web site. Nor does it subscribe to  any of Leninism's  forms such as  Stalinism and Trotskyism. It is not anarchist. It is not left nor right. It is just communist. The site  continues to be significantly  influenced by the doctrines and politics of Karl Marx.  However it is not  marxist  but  plain communist.

Our position is that no revolutionary communist movement exists today  globally,  regionally or nationally. Revolutionary theory and politics has not essentially superseded the level attained by Karl Marx. Consequently revolutionary theory and politics is in urgent need of development beyond the level reached in the latter part of the 19th century. This means that a revolutionary communist intelligentsia must be established to re-examine and develop  communist theory and politics. It is just this that Hackett’s Communist Website seeks to achieve.

A comprehensive account as to what communism stand for is contained in the draft Global Communist Programme available on this site. The programme is merely a draft. Serious discussion and criticism of it is actively encouraged. It is hoped that this web site will improve and develop over time. Should you wish to seek further information or engage in discussion with us contact Paddy Hackett at the following email address:


There is also the Communism List a forum for the discussion of theoretical and political matters. To join  you can make your request Communism List. Below are links to material produced by some of its members. It is hoped over time that more material will be added to my website: 


What it is to be a Communist

Global Communist Programme

Paddy Hackett’s Writings


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