Leixlip Theatre Group

Photos from "I do not like thee Dr. Fell"
Bernard Farrell

Jim, Joe, Orlagh, Colin - "Maureen, say hello to Roger and Joe"

Joe, Martina - "You don't have to ask, go ahead Joe, its alright"

Orlagh, Martina, Jim, Aine - "I can see my twelve little pussy cats"

Jim, Colin, Orlagh, Martina, Declan, Aine, Joe - "So, lets take a last look at the outside world, people"

Colin, Jim, Martina - "I am Roger. I am a name, a body..."

Declan, Joe "Curious? .. curiosity killed the cat, didn't it?"

Jim, Colin "A quiet flash is what you want.  Nothing like the sly flash..."

Joe, Martina, Jim "What I want done, I want done for the sake of the session"

Joe, Aine "Do you like cats?"

Orlagh, Aine, Martina, Jim "We would stand at the ships rail and talk of our dreams"