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  1. Acu-Yoga: Ancient Techniques from Acupressure & Yoga Combined to Relieve Tension and Stress (Audio Cassette - 1996)
  2. Acu-Yoga: Self-Help Techniques to Relieve Tension (1981/2002)

Acu-Yoga: Ancient Techniques from Acupressure & Yoga Combined to Relieve Tension and Stress
by Michael Reed Gach

Audio Cassette: 5 pages ; Book and Cassette edition (March 1996)
Sounds True; ISBN: 1564553396

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Reader Review
A TRUE SYNTHESIS, September 12, 2002
Reviewer: john d. daniels (see more about me at from Reno, Nevada
It is not unusual for teachers of various bodywork methods to incorporate something from other traditions. For instance, when I was taught the Eight Brocade Way (Ba Qua Jin), I was taught 9 postures. One of which was from Yoga. Later my teacher introduced some Western exercises to aid in working around physical problems.

Michael Reed Gach has achieved a synthesis from two paths, Acupressure(Chinese health system based on the flow of energy (Chi) through channels and meridians) and Yoga postures including the connected idea of breath energy (Prana).He achieved this synthesis while taking classes in both areas at the same time and finding that no one else had drawn the same parllels between the two systems or had interest in doing so.

He has specifically made these tapes to provide, through tone and pacing, instruction difficult to achieve only from reading. Each exercise topic is accessble separately e.g. breath, spinal stretching, chakras, channels, meridians. There is also a section, oraganized alphabetically, applying acu-yoga exercises to specific problems.


Acu-Yoga: Self-Help Techniques to Relieve Tension
by Michael Reed Gach, Carolyn Marco (Contributor)

USA: Paperback - 247 pages (September 1981)
Japan Pubns; ISBN: 087040489X
UK: Hardcover - 247 pages (1 August, 2002)
B.Jain Publishers (P), India; ISBN: 8170218284

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Reader Review
An excellent, informative introduction to acupressure
., October 15, 1997
Reviewer: from ljm in Silver Spring, MD
Acu-Yoga is a well-written introduction to the use of basic yoga techniques to stimulate acupuncture points throughout the body, acupressure. 13 years ago, I cracked a vertebra and have had chronic low back pain ever since. The spinal flexibility series (among others) in Mr. Reed's book helped me control the pain caused by muscle spasm and return to normal function within a few weeks. Acu-Yoga also provides information about the chakras, the organ meridians and the eight regulatory channels, and how these energetic systems work to restore and preserve internal balance. For someone who is interested in using gentle, self-paced exercise to relieve pain and improve in overall health and vitality, this is an excellent resource.


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BoMi-Content: AcuYoga: Ancient Techniques From Accupressure & Yoga Combined To Relieve Tension And Stress is a 5 cassette program of natural self-healing system... flow of chi (or "prana" as it is called in India)... balancing the entire body, motions and mental functions... Accu-Yoga program combines step-by-step yoga postures, breathing, and fingertip massage applied to the body's vital points... AccuYoga help you to eliminate headaches, relieve lower back pain, depression, headaches, common colds, circulatory disorders, hypertension, constipation, menstrual pain, poor digestion... self-care library... AccuYoga Self-Help Audio Books... , Healing, physical Therapies, Treat, Treating, bookshop, booksstore, book, books,, Amazoncom, Amazon,,, Amazonuk, discount, online bookstore, on line shop, shopping on-line store, video, dvd, vhf