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Books about
Breema Bodywork™

  1. Breema: Essence of Harmonious Life (1998)
  2. Touching the Mountain: The Self Breema Handbook (1998)
  3. Self-Breema: Exercises for Harmonious Life (2001)

Breema: Essence of Harmonious Life
by Jon Schreiber

Hardcover: 174 pages (May 1998)
North Atlantic Books; ISBN: 0962358177 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Reader Reviews
What Is Breema?, October 26, 2000
Reviewer: Christa Bennett (Massage Therapist, Breema, small business owner ), from Sacramento, CA United States
I am sure that many who have happened onto this page are wondering to themselves....just what is Breema®? Is it like some sort of Thai massage? Breema is like, and is complementary, to all forms of bodywork, but it is also uniquely different. A large portion of the people who have received Breema bodywork comment on how parts of their session remind them of other bodywork they either do or have the same time, they comment on how different it is to the various types of bodywork they have given or received.
Simply put, Breema is a method of mediation and bodywork aimed at connecting us to our essential nature. This is a comprehensive book that, without actually having to become Breema practitioner or receiving a Breema session, can give the reader an intrinsic understanding of exactly what Breema is. is guide, a direction, a teaching in how to live in harmony...with yourself, with others, and with life itself. The uniqueness of Breema is not in its form, but in how we learn to approach what we are doing with the form. The bodywork, along with its principles, becomes a tool to connect to our essential nature. In reality, Breema is ourselves as we truly are, not as we think we are. When we are present and living with the principles of Breema, everything we do becomes Breema. We are existence giving to existence. Once we connect to the principles of Breema, what we freely give to ourselves, we automatically give to others.
The manner in which this book was written allows the reader, if they choose, to open to one page and read a few lines, or just look at one picture, and get a "taste" of all that Breema is about...simplicity, connection, openness and receptivity to life. Of course, the impulse is to read more...and for some like myself, to learn more. This is the kind of book one never grows tired of. It is always new and fresh, allowing the reader to gather new perspectives with each and every reading.
At each moment in time the individual experience for each person will change, the bodies themselves will change, the minds involved and the concepts they hold, or let go of, will change. One of the things that is so beautiful about Breema is its inherent receptively to this understanding. This sense of understanding is part of our true nature. Learning about Breema can be helpful in bringing us back to that simple, nurturing part of ourselves.
Breema is a service mark of The Breema Center.

Reviewer: Christa Bennett
Sacramento, CA United States
Massage Therapist, Breema, small business owner.

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Touching the Mountain: The Self Breema Handbook
by Jon Schreiber, Mary Cuneo (Illustrator)

Paperback - 188 pages (1998)
California Health Pubns; ISBN: 0962358126 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Self-Breema: Exercises for Harmonious Life
by Jon Schreiber, Denise Berezonsky

Hardcover (December 2001)
California Health Pubns; ISBN: 1930469071 Price - Quick Click Buying

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