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Books about
The Metamorphic Technique

  1. The Metamorphic Technique (2002)
  2. Fundamentals of the Metamorphic Technique (1995)

The Metamorphic Technique
by Gaston Saint-Pierre, Debbie Shapiro

Paperback -124 pages (January 2002)
Vega Books; ISBN: 1843330571

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The founder of this whole-body approach to healing, Robert St. John (who author Gaston Saint-Pierre trained with) gave it the curious name 'Metamorphosis'. Yet the analogy with a caterpillar is apt - for, just as it metamorphoses into a butterfly, so, as this books explains, we as human beings have the capacity to transform and heal ourselves. The technique's two leading exponents present its principles - the central one being the belief that during the nine months between conception and birth our physical, mental, emotional and behavioural structures are all established. By working on the spinal reflexes of the feet, hands and head, this formative period can be brought back into focus, so allowing healing to take place. This positive, life-affirming book is a fascinating and uplifting work, and conveys a powerful message - that we can leave behind patterns of psychological or physical 'dis-ease' and move forward, re-energised.


Fundamentals of the Metamorphic Technique
by Gaston Saint-Pierre, Barbara D'Arcy Thompson

Paperback (December 1995)
ISBN: 0952677407

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BoMicontent: robert st.john reflexology... The Metamorphic Technique is gentle, non-invasive form of Body work. . It can be safely used by anyone including children, pregnant mothers, people with physical and mental disabilities, as well as in schools for children with learning difficulties and people who are dying. The Technique can be received on its own or alongside other approaches, whether conventional medicine or alternative and complementary therapies... Physical, mental, emotional and behavioural transgormation... The Metamorphic Technique has its origins in the work of Robert St. John, a British naturopath and reflexologist... energy work, energy-work, energywork, energy balance, Methamorphic Technique, reflexology, Gaston Saint-Pierre, SaintPierre, Saint Pierre, Saint-Piere, SaintPiere, Saint Piere, Saint-Pier, SaintPier, Saint Pier, StPierre, St Pierre, St. Pierre, St.Pierre, books, book, video, techniques, bookstore, bodywork , massage, Personal Transformation, spiritual Transformation, Personal Development, spiritual Development, Personal growth, spiritual growth, selfDevelopment, self Development, self-Development, self growth, Transformational Therapy, Technique for the Development of Human Potential