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Books About
Postural Integration

  1. Deep Bodywork and Personal Development (1986)
  2. Technical Manual of Deep Wholistic Bodywork : Postural Integration
  3. Massaggio in Profondita'. L'Integrazione Posturale

Deep Bodywork and Personal Development
by Jack W Painter

Paperback (November 1986)
Bodymind Books; ISBN: 0938405012

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Reader Reviews
Deep Bodywork and Personal Development, June 26, 2000
Reviewer: richard taracks (see more about me at from Detroit, Michigan USA
This book was a very good one. Anyone who has read books by Reich, Lowen, or Ida Rolf will find this to be very interesting and a must for ones library. Jack Painter combines Wilhelm Reich's and Ida Rolf's ideas and others and explains very "clearly" from his own experiance how he finds these methods work together. Those who have an interest in psychology and/or bodywork will find much within the pages of this book! I found it very good and suggest it to anyone with an interest in these areas and in learning more about how working with the body and the mind together can bring about change within the person!

Very enlightening, October 1, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from Seattle, WA USA

Painter's view that we won't change our bodies until the underlying subconscious pattern is changed is the key to health! I also like his ideas on "the give and take of sharing" during a session. A practitioner must reveal personal parts of themselves to bring about a genuine change in the client. The book outlines the basics of structural integration "recipe".


Technical Manual of Deep Wholistic Bodywork : Postural Integration
by Jack W. Painter
ISBN: 0938405055


Massaggio in Profondita'. L'Integrazione Posturale
Jack Painter
SugarCo Edizioni



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