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T'ai Chi Chuan


Tao and Tai Chi Kung
by Robert C. Sohn
Paperback - 143 pages (March 1990)
Destiny Books; ISBN: 0892812176

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Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & QiGong
by Bill Douglas
Paperback - 354 pages (23 November, 1998)
Alpha Books; ISBN: 0028629094

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This step-by-step guide shows how to get started doing T'ai Chi - and its energy-boosting offshoot, QiGong - from choosing an instructor to learning the 64 basis postures and creating 10-minute routines that can be done at home, work or anywhere.

The author, Bill Douglas, , 3 December, 1998
This book may be unlike any book you have seen on T'ai Chi, because its fun and humorous, it offers inspiration and a powerfully positive vision for the future, and a nurturing acceptance that gently eases you into the rich and profound arts of T'ai Chi and QiGong. For those who pick up this book, a very practical common sense, and immediately useful program can begin to help you dump stress, sleep better, and improve health on all levels. However, for those seeking it, this book offers a gateway into what is perhaps one of the most powerful personal growth and mind expansion tools ever invented. My SMART program, which this book is based on, has discovered a way to bring a 2,000 year old technology to modern students in a way that delivers the full endless potential the centuries of human research in these ancient tools have evolved. And yet we've brought it much further by explaining it in non-esoteric meaningful ways that can be used by everyone, by corporate wellness programs, schools, hospitals, senior and support networks, penal rehabilitation programs, drug rehab & prevention programs, and in all other walks of life. I will explain how T'ai Chi and QiGong may be used to lower crime, end our health care crisis, and elevate our level of creativity and function on all levels of society, by maximizing our human potential though the use of easy to learn, soothing, and fun exercises. This book is perhaps the most enjoyable, tangible, reassuring, and yet comprehensive introductions to the overall wonders of T'ai Chi & QiGong. It is unpretentious, common sense, and yet for those ready to experience the profound nature of life enhancement & mind expansion these ancient tools offer, it offers that too. I am the author of this book, and the Director of Stress Management and Relaxation Technology (SMART). SMART has pioneered ways to bring the soothing calm of T'ai Chi & QiGong into our society on many different levels. We have been commissioned by some of the world's largest corporations, health networks, private and government institutions, including medical universities, and have taught these tools to children (elementary through college, including students with learning and developmental disabilities). It is our belief that these mind/body fitness tools, which help us learn to change more easily and with less stress damage, are perhaps the most powerful life tools we can offer our children. They should be offered throughout public education, just has physical education and health science is. We and our children are facing change faster than any generation in the history of the planet, and it is taking a toll. These tools may be what eases us into our evolving future in a way that no other health technology can. I hope you enjoy the book, and practice T'ai Chi and QiGong for the rest of your vibrant healthy life!

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Tai Chi Chuan
R. Sieh

Oliver & Boyd; ISBN: 0056431287

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