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Acupressure 3x2
Aromatherapy 27>13x10
Ayurveda 7x4
Chi Kung 3x2
Chinese Medicine 7x7
Chiropractic 7x7
Crystals 5X3
Cleansing Detoxification 12x10+
Energy Healing 5x5
Ear Candling 3x2
• Flower Essences 3x3
• herbs 15x10
• holistic medicine 8x10
• homeopathy 3 x5+
search Hypnosis ?
hypnotherapy 5X3
• life extension 6x7
magnetic therapy 18x10+
massage equipment 6x3
• massage therapy 20x10+
• meditation 12x10+
naturopathy 3x3
• personal growth 14x10
• Reiki 5x5
• School of massage & Bodywork 9x3
• Shiatsu 4x3
• Yoga

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