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BoMi-Content: Our Bee swax and Parafin candles are made with the highest quality muslin and cotton cloths, along with pure Beeswax and Parafin wax... Ear Oil, containing olive oil, garlic, lobelia, and mullein are powerful immune building and lubricating herbs necessary towards the process of loosening earwax and debris... Cone candling of one form or another, has been performed since ancient times ranging from Tibet, Egypt, and all the way to North and South America... Ear Cone Candles have been one of the hottest selling items of the 90's. Unlike the cotton swab, which pushes ear wax closer to the eardrum and makes it harder to remove-- ear cones are an inexpensive, safe method of removing ear wax... History of Ear cone candling.. The ancient art of candling... The first cone candle was made by Tibetans along the Tigris River thousands of years ago. The candle maker dried a reed, placed one side of the hollow cylinder in his ear and ignited the other end. This was the beginning of the art of candling.... Soon Tibetans, Egyptians, Mayans and American indians were using cone candles with great results. Today, more people than eer before are using ear cone candles to clean debris from their ears... what is Ear Candling How do cone candles work?... Ear cone candling is based on Burnelli's Law of Airflow, which states that when a hollow cylinder (cone candle) is heated, air will be drawn into the cylinder at an increased rate and forced out of the cylinder with greater force. Thus, any loose material within the cylinder would be forced toward the exit point of the cylinder... Ear cone candling creates a gentle vacuum, painlessly pulling debris from the ear... ear cadleling, ear cadleing, earcadling, Ear cones candling, ear care, prevention of ear disease, ear hygiene cleaning cleansing... BoMi-Keywords: Ears Candling, Ear Candling therapy, herbal remedies, hygiene, infection, infections, prevention, preventing, diseases, disease, ear wax removal, ----, alternative medicine, alternative healing, alternative therapy, alternative medicine resources, bodytherapies, Bodytherapy, Body therapies, Body therapy, Body work, bodywork, complementary, complimentary, directory , Energy, Energy healing, hearbal, herbs, holistic, healing, health, holistic health, holistic therapy, manipulation, manipulative, manual therapy, manual medicine, somatic, therapeutic , therapies, therapy, traditional, medicine, traditional medicine, Technique, Techniques, treatment, internet, website, web site, link, links, -----, merchants, shopping, shop, store, online, on-line, on line,---The Best Quality Effective Ear Candles. Ear Coning candles, earcones. herbalremedies. Ear Candles: Cheapest Prices! Ear Candles are great for ear wax removal and healing ear infection. Buy ear candling Products, ear candling products for sale.