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BoMi-Content: | EnergyWork | Feng-Shui Training | Feng Sui Teacher Training | FengShui Teacher Certification Centers | Chinese Medicine | Energy Healing | Geopathic Stress | Earth Energy Field | Energetic Healing | Energy Work... BoMi-Keywords: Complementary Therapy College, Complementary Medicine Courses... United States Colleges... Energy Healing Courses, Diploma, Workshop... USA Natural Medicine College, Feng Shui Therapy School, Natural Therapies Training... Great Deals On Feng Shui... Feng Shui products... Feng Shui collection of good luck charms, baquas, crystals, statues and wind chimes... articles and resources... Fheng Shui enhancers... Find Feng Shui Professionals. Find customer-rated Feng Shui Professionals... Magic feng shui supplies offers crystal, wind chimes, Chinese dragons, and bagua. View pictures... the ancient Chinese tradition of reading personality traits in physical appearance. Explains how individuals can influence their destiny and use negatively perceived physical aspects as tools for healthy relationships and positive self-transformation. Min Xiang Shue, also known as body feng shui -- is an ancient Taoist tradition that uses the techniques from the more familiar art of placement (feng shui) to reveal the connection between inner character and external appearance. According to this ancient art, it is possible to recognize the personality of an individual from his or her facial features, hand shape, movements, and posture.