Date of Entry: 00:42:32 29-11-2002 CET
Website Address:

Date of Entry: 18:52:27 6-11-2002 CET
Name: Gretchen Ann Graham
Website Address:
Lovely, lovely music, Mr. Browne!
Thank you so much for making tha
music you do.
I've got your cd with Mr. O'Loughlin,
"Touch me if you dare" in the Mac,
playing at work right now, trying to
make even partial converts of my
coworkers. That's tough work, but I've

Date of Entry: 20:36:36 24-10-2002 CET
Name: Rune Ulriksen
Website Address:
Dear Ronan,
That´s a very impressive looking web-site, you´ve got there! With my favourite slow-air for a welcome.
I found 2 of the albums, that you recorded with CRAN("Lovers ghost"( and ("black black black"). GREAT STUFF!!!

Keep playing your pipes like that! I love it!!

Yours Rune.
Mutual friend of PM Angus Macdonald(RIP)

Date of Entry: 19:39:40 18-10-2002 CET
Name: sean
Website Address:

do you teach pipes privately?

and are you teaching at any festivals in the near future?


Date of Entry: 11:27:36 2-8-2002 CET
Name: Jacqui Moore
Website Address:
I love the Uilleann Pipes

oooooo in monaco at 17:7:25 Wednesday July 3 2002
........alice Giraud , de Monaco est la plus merveilleuse des mamans......

oooooo in monaco at 17:7:21 Wednesday July 3 2002
........alice Giraud , de Monaco est la plus merveilleuse des mamans......

Yvonne McCormack at 11:41:16 Wednesday July 3 2002
fab place

Anon at 9:27:29 Wednesday July 3 2002

Anon at 4:7:12 Thursday June 13 2002

Mark Capon at 19:53:24 Saturday June 8 2002
My debut CD 'The Jazz Guitar Of Mark Capon' is available for purchase at CDBaby: 1-800-448-6369 The web page has over 8 minutes of sound clips and excerpts from reviews.

luKas in Athens at 19:27:36 Saturday June 8 2002
........;c'est vrai qu'olaf van cleef est drole, mais pas autant que sa soeur..........

Tony Mallen in Perth Western Australia at 9:31:53 Thursday May 30 2002
i first heard he Uillean pipes in Grangecon(the village in whose bosom I was buttered) where the player was a Patrick Leigh who was also a fiddle player. He Leo Rowsome and few others were the keepers of the flame during the fifties when a lot of us teen agers were put off by the scowling stiff as a board keepers of the Holy "religious"Grail and attached professionals who were into the crying and dying for country and religion. We rebelled and went "rock and roll" . Got a glimpse of the light here in Perth around 1978 and did a bit of unaccompanied singing and MC of folk concerts here. Came upon you looking up Stratford for info. I'm retired but use the net with pleasure. Best of luck to you in your career. Pat Leigh was a shopkeeper who took his green van into the mountains and got tunes. I wonder did he pass them on to anyone

Alana in Hawaii at 4:44:59 Thursday May 30 2002
Hi, I was wondering where I could get a copy of the lyrics to the song Three Lovely Lassies of Bannion. Thank you.

Chris Ormston in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK at 21:19:41 Sunday May 26 2002
Love the new album. If you're interested in northumbrian piping, have a look at my site Chris

Marco Baartse in Amsterdam at 21:0:49 Wednesday May 15 2002
We met after your performance with Cran in Amsterdam at the "Kleine komedie". Thanks for the pictures we have taken and your explanations, i will keep practicing.

Anon in scotland at 13:0:37 Thursday May 9 2002
Used to work for Paddy in Aarhus DK.Saw the name and thought i would have a look.

Francis Duggan in Galway, Eire at 13:0:53 Sunday May 5 2002
Well Ronan your style has always fascinated me as a piper.

desi wilkinson in Attached loosely to the planet at 21:18:19 Tuesday April 30 2002
Hows the form old bean.

siobhan sefton in cobden at 9:52:42 Tuesday April 30 2002
yeah it was really good!

Brian O'Brien in Duluth MN at 8:41:30 Friday April 26 2002
Hi Ronan, Great pipes and piping. Hows everything going. Was in Portland USA and Gerry (Belfast man)from the Irish Bar said he knew you and said to say "Hello". I am in the Us at the moment. Just wanted to say Hello and you have a nice web site. B

Anon at 11:17:17 Wednesday April 17 2002

Anon at 11:17:17 Wednesday April 17 2002

Anon at 11:17:15 Wednesday April 17 2002

Anon at 11:17:13 Wednesday April 17 2002

Betty Tazelaar in Waalwijk, The Netherlands at 23:5:43 Tuesday April 9 2002
Saw your show with Cran tonight in Den Bosch. Simply wonderful! I've loved the sound of the Uillean pipe ever since I first heard Lament (Riverdance). That piece still brings tears to my eyes..... Please, never stop playing, this world needs your music! Betty

SUL in K.S.A at 14:34:10 Saturday March 30 2002

Anon at 19:21:22 Thursday March 28 2002

Tony Morris at 2:37:39 Thursday March 28 2002
I am an Uillean piper (also fiddle, mandocello, bodhran, guitar, and beginning gaida player) living in Connecticut, USA. My pipe maker, David Quinn, loaned me your first album.I was a little thrown of by the first track, an air, which I thought was a little too bendy in pitch, but, as I listened more to the rest of tha album, I realized that this was a very fine piper and musician. Tony

David Daby...... in Paris at 12:53:30 Wednesday March 27 2002
......................c'était merveilleux, Olaf Van Cleef était avec nous, je crois que nous n'avaons jamais autant ri..............David Daby

Alice Giraud, Monaco in Monte Carlo at 12:52:10 Wednesday March 27 2002 serais en Toscane en Septembre, à Porto Ercollé, au Pélican.......avec mon fils.

Georg in Austria / Europe at 13:28:11 Monday March 18 2002
hi to all music-lovers around the world from austria and

Stacie Keenan in Woodbridge, Virginia, USA at 19:53:45 Sunday March 17 2002
Paul Levin helped me get started on Uilleann pipes. He mentions on his band's website that you are one of his favorite artists. I have enjoyed listening to your music on CD. Hope you'll be at one of the East Coast Tional's someday. I missed last years Tional, so maybe you've already been. I'm rededicating myself this St. Patrick's Day to getting back onto the pipes after giving up out of frustration.

Mary Ann Neufeld in Vancouver Canada at 6:33:52 Tuesday March 12 2002

Eoin Kenny in Dublin at 20:5:20 Thursday February 28 2002
Hi Ronan, Tripped over this page. I am looking for help to get back piping again. Seems as if nobody around and its a bit lonely. how are things your self

Anon at 8:10:52 Thursday February 28 2002

Phil Capon in Essex England at 8:10:48 Thursday February 28 2002
I am just starting to source my familiy tree and thought that the internet may be a good way to find out more and typed my name with geneology and your page appeared. Any help would most certainly be appriciated. Phil

Rod Gómez in Cantabria NorthernSpain at 20:26:35 Friday February 22 2002

Frances O'Rourke in Manchester UK at 15:51:24 Wednesday February 20 2002
Ronan, you're a great piper and your interview on Scoitrad is very interesting. Please visit my website for ITM in NW England, Ceol UpNorth cheers, Frances

le in england at 1:38:31 Monday February 18 2002
i love this website

Noel Casey in Manorhamilton, Leitrim at 15:12:58 Tuesday February 12 2002
I like your musical vision and the very deep sounds you conjure up, you're not a bad singer either!

Stu Baker in Auckland New Zealand at 22:8:47 Friday February 8 2002
Great just looking for a Delia Murphy Track The Spinning Wheel for a play the beauty queen of Lenane

William Galloway in Seattle at 20:31:41 Friday February 1 2002
I think your solo album is the best piping I've heard -- nice to hear all those slow airs. I'm having the devil of a time acquiring Cran's first album, The Crooked Stair. Do you know where I might buy it?

William Galloway at 20:29:59 Friday February 1 2002

tony bowers in italy at 10:44:7 Friday February 1 2002
I saw you in a hotel in Boyle a few years ago, with Cran I love the way you bend the the hell out of the notes on the airs ! ps I Bought your long-awaited CD immediately

Henk van Gameren in Henk van Gameren in Rotterdam, Holland on Jan. 25, 2002 at 22:57:13 Friday January 25 2002
I just came home after a visit to "Het Zuidplein Theater" in Rotterdam, where I witnessed Your fabulous performance with Cran. I have all the Cran cd's and they are all fantastic. I hope to see You, Desi and Sean soon again in Holland. You are always welcome in Holland and I surely hope You enjoyed Your musical trip here. See You.

Davy Stephenson in UK, Yorkshire at 15:41:32 Sunday January 20 2002
New album is brill, all the best Davy Pipeworks

Luke D. Powers in Seaford, NY USA at 3:56:40 Sunday January 20 2002
Love your playing.

alan thompson in cabra dublin at 11:25:54 Wednesday January 9 2002
is there any good fishing spots nearby

Evelyn Jarman in Drumcondra (Ireland) at 1:0:14 Monday December 17 2001
Great site

Prof. Paul Hughes in Canada at 15:18:43 Friday December 7 2001
I'm interested in the life and times of Delia Murphy, as a performer, a gatherer of songs, and, particularly, her role in aiding Jews escape from Rome, while her husband, Thomas Kiernan, was Irish Ambassador to the Vatican. I know she lived in the Strawberry Beds area of the Liffey Valley in her latter years. Who owns the rights to her recordings, and her songs? Does her family have any significant mementos of her tours? Her time in Rome? Anything you can find will be of help to my reseaerch. Thank you, Paul Hughes PhD. Toronto, Canada

Peter Fordham in London at 10:41:9 Friday December 7 2001
Hi. Good luck with your project.

caggy hedehot in buraya at 13:14:42 Thursday December 6 2001
allahu ekber allahu ekber. essedu enla ilahe illalah

Denis Troy in Australia at 12:4:40 Tuesday December 4 2001
Born in the Strawberry Beds,went to school in the Lower road National School,learned to swim on the Wrens Nest Weir,drank my first pint in the Strawberry Hall.

Anon at 13:57:58 Saturday November 24 2001

Anon at 21:21:8 Tuesday November 20 2001

frank B in Dublin at 22:59:12 Sunday November 18 2001
Know anything about a Condron Family who lived in the Strawberry Beds?

Ballbag in Up your... at 15:33:8 Tuesday November 13 2001
Well. I signed your guestbook. You fu(*&^^%*$%&ª•¶?§¶§¢45§5 Love, Paul

Xandra Rotteveel at 20:56:10 Sunday November 11 2001
For the first time a see your website. For some time I am looking for the new album of Cran and the dates they including you are playing in Holland in a small theatre. cran@music.web did not work (my fault maybe?)

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Anon in Austraia at 4:3:5 Thursday November 1 2001

francis Salmon at 19:19:55 Wednesday October 31 2001
Why don't you sell any record in France ? Have you a problem with the distribution ? ...Because of the wynd ?

stephen hall in Longford at 11:59:27 Thursday October 18 2001
Drawn to my attention by Simon Tresize. Hope to visit soon.

Natasha in australia at 5:16:47 Friday October 12 2001

fi at 19:18:7 Thursday October 11 2001
who are you?

Joshua Perkins in Wisconsin at 1:25:41 Monday October 8 2001
Dear Ronan, "The Wynd You Know"---absolutely the finest record of piping that has ever reached these ears. May we look forward to much, much more from you in the future. Incidentally, the air you have as "My love is in America" on that record bears a strong resemblance to one Gay McKeon plays before "Gilbert Clancy's" on an old Christy Moore album--related tunes? Or perhaps different version of the same? Again, mighty musicianship! All the best, Joshua Perkins

Dan Paulson in Friday Harbor at 16:34:1 Thursday October 4 2001
Randal Bays and I are promoting the Friday Harbor Irish music camp on San Juan Island, Washington, USA. This will be a three day workshop located on a beautiful waterfront site on San Juan island. Instructors will be housed in comfortable cabins. Other instructors confirmed to date are Randal Bays, James Kelly, Catherine McEvoy, Roger Landis, John Williams. Would you be interested in joining as an instructor. Transportation is included in our fees for instructors. Promises to be a great time. www.foxgloverecords-FH.html Dan Paulson.

Bonita Nobs-Roux in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA at 11:57:14 Saturday September 22 2001
I am half-Irish and think your site is wonderful; full of a lot of information. My mother is having problems with geneology tracking in Ireland. If you know of anyone she can contact regarding information on our "Ryan/Bannigan" connection, please let me know. Thanks.

jasy at 21:12:46 Wednesday September 19 2001

Anon at 22:18:21 Friday September 14 2001

Anon at 18:14:44 Sunday September 9 2001

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patty in new mexico at 15:40:35 Friday August 31 2001

A. J .Skelton in london at 17:47:3 Thursday August 23 2001
Jesus, what's wrong with the poor lad / lass from Alabama?(see Wednesday 15th). When will you be next over the Irish Sea to us here in London? Love the piping, can't get to grips with it myself. Thanks for the music especially for The Green Fields of America, who on earth gave such a lovely tune such an awful name?

Peter Tinnefeld in Verl, Germany at 11:8:20 Sunday August 19 2001
Hello Ronan, i'm searching for a discographie of Louis Stewart and so i found your site. Greetings from Germany...Peter

gfgjhgfjhgfgf in alabama at 1:59:26 Wednesday August 15 2001

Heidi Morgan in Ireland at 14:13:4 Thursday August 9 2001
Just came from Australia and I love jazz I saw your site and decided to have a visit

Eduardo Sahùn in Spain at 16:41:16 Monday August 6 2001
I`m a student of jazz music.I finished art history in zaragoza university in spain.In my country there`s no oficial study about jazz music and i`m looking for one school in Europe.

Madeline in Australia at 2:39:48 Monday August 6 2001
Dear Ronan, My name is Madeline I am from australia. I am Thomas and Delia's great grand-daughter. We met when you were in australia. This is a really cool site. From Madeline

Madeline in Australia at 2:39:4 Monday August 6 2001
Dear Ronan, My name is Madeline I am from australia. I am Thomas and Delia's great grand-daughter. We met when you were in australia. This is a really cool site. From Madeline

Dave Mavroudis in Carlow at 1:22:43 Saturday July 28 2001

gar]/']./ at 2:35:58 Sunday July 15 2001

Kevin McCarey in Rockville Maryland at 18:35:24 Friday June 29 2001
My ancestors, Tom and Kate Cavanagh left Strawberry Beds in 1885 for New York.

Roisin in New York at 8:1:5 Wednesday June 27 2001
Hey Garvan, this site looks just wonderful. Why are so many notes here addressed to Ronan? I enjoyed the chat the other day, look forward to another one soon.

mick foley at 0:56:36 Wednesday June 27 2001

Francis O'Donnell in Corpus Christi, Texas at 6:5:3 Thursday June 7 2001
Cool Site!

steve dempsey in Bristol, UK at 0:21:10 Wednesday June 6 2001
Hi Ronan, Caught you many years back on a TV series on Irish music, then I bought a CD which became my favourite Uilleann pipe music CD..I'm sure it's one of yours and yet it isn't mentioned on the CD or on this looks like a very cheap compilation Cd, but in fact it's the best thing I've heard...full of airs...get it's called CELTIC MOODS!!! It is yours isn't it Ronan..come on...own up you talented boy!

charietta in Luton at 18:21:41 Sunday May 27 2001
next year i would be in Brighton and I would like to take singing lessons there. do you do any lessons or could you introduce me someone else who does singing lessons? I will be waiting for your response, thank you in advance Charietta

Anon at 19:57:28 Friday May 25 2001

Anon at 19:57:24 Friday May 25 2001

Anon at 19:57:17 Friday May 25 2001

joeen lenihan in arizona at 22:27:5 Thursday May 24 2001
Good man yourself,I love to listen to you.

Anon at 16:34:40 Thursday May 17 2001

Bo Kell Circle in St.Paris, Ohio at 13:7:18 Wednesday May 16 2001
Hello um... You are my uncle but we have never met, well if you look at this then e-mail me please i am 13 and am playing in a Babe Ruth league thanks, Bo

F.J.Gorman in RR #1 Frankville, Ontario, Canada, K0E 1H0, tel: (613) 275-2254 at 12:49:25 Tuesday May 15 2001
In the mid '60s I had the pleasant experience of working with your late grandmother, who at that time was living near Jasper, Ontario, near the home of her daughter Blon. She performed on camera to what now would constitute a music video, miming to playback of "Down the Moor" while roaming through the fields on her farm. CBC television has lost the piece, along with her account of experiences with the Kennedy family, which she often visited. While sitting in her rocker, she then sang the "Spinning Wheel", which she had often sung to John Jr. in Washington and Hyanusport. My great grandfather came out to Canada as a young man of 20 having joined the army in Limerick in hope of finding a better life than many Irish were experiencing at the time (1833) I have traced his background to Kilrush Co Clare, only to lose the link at that point. So you can see like many Canadians and Americans I have "roots" in your country. In closing I want you to know that though her stay in our country was all too brief, your grandmother touched many of us with her talents, and even now, 35 years snice she sang for my camera, those wonderfully performed ballads still haunt my memory. Please sontinue to carry on in her tradition. Sincerely Frederick J Gorman

Derek in Dublin at 20:14:6 Sunday May 13 2001
I would love to play the Uilleann pipes and i take my hat off to anyone who can well done.

Anon at 20:15:16 Thursday May 10 2001

carmin in lennox or ballina at 11:36:38 Monday May 7 2001
i think it is a great idea and i want to try it help the poor children that can hardly servive . think how luky we are then think of them u just try having nothing to eat for 2 day my class 5H are all trying to go on the 40 hour famon and help with deep care love carmin & 5h

Svend Kjeldsen in Aarhus Denmark at 21:43:25 Sunday May 6 2001
Dear Ronan, Svend here, e-mailing you from Aarhus in Denmark. Long time nor hear or see............... Please contact me (mail, phone or whatever suits you) as soon as possible. It's urgent !!! Yours Svend

Mark Capon in United States at 19:38:25 Monday April 30 2001
My debut CD 'The Jazz Guitar Of Mark Capon' is available for purchase at CDBaby: or call 1-800-448-6369 (USA) The web page has over 8 minutes of sound clips and excerpts from reviews.

Anon at 3:32:51 Monday April 30 2001

osaka in ksa at 23:38:14 Sunday April 29 2001

tim in home at 19:8:48 Thursday April 26 2001

tim is gey in home at 19:6:22 Thursday April 26 2001

tim is jey at 19:5:29 Thursday April 26 2001

juj in home at 19:4:24 Thursday April 26 2001

Anon in exico at 21:9:28 Wednesday April 25 2001

dede at 21:9:20 Wednesday April 25 2001

Pat in British Columbia, Canada at 3:2:28 Tuesday April 24 2001

Philip Barker in Calgary, Canada at 20:15:11 Wednesday April 11 2001
I am President of JAZZ FOCUS RECORDS and invite you to visit our web site and try your luck in our monthly jazz quiz. You might win a CD.

Johnny Redstone in Nortern New Jersey at 4:15:4 Wednesday April 11 2001
I love your work on Andy Stewarts At It Again c.d., that is some great piping...I will be looking for you in my area...and hope to see you play one day...when are you in NYC next...cheers

Joe Kennedy in Ontario.Canada at 2:59:29 Saturday April 7 2001
Hi Ronan I met you in Toronto last january.I have made myself a half set in BSomething I've wanted for quite awhile.Any how I enjoyed meeting you and have added some of your teaching to my playing.The B also helps.The website is nice.Take care and hope to hear from you sometime. Regards Joe My website is

Peggi McC in nh usa at 23:49:52 Friday April 6 2001
curious about Delia Murphy "The Spinning Wheel" --

Juliette Cook in Queens, New York, USA at 22:16:34 Thursday April 5 2001
How did I get here???

Roy Peaslee in San Mateo, CA at 7:41:28 Monday April 2 2001
I saw your name in the credits of "Farrah at Fifty" and I want to know the name of the music for which you are credited. I am particularly interested in one piece that is used by British Airways for their TV commericial ad. It may be titled "Soar Free" or "Song of Solomon". Your help would be fully appreciated. Sincerely Roy Peaslee San Mateo, CA

GENE FRAIN in BOSTON USA at 3:50:23 Wednesday March 28 2001

Iris Bryan in USA, Pennsylvania at 1:52:30 Saturday March 24 2001
This is my first visit here and hope to enjoy all you have to offer here.

Eric Greiner in New York City at 18:29:21 Friday March 16 2001
Hi Ronan, I's a friend of Daire's & hope to meet you at the wedding next year.

Anon at 15:18:12 Saturday March 10 2001

Gil Hocker in Charlottesville, Virginia; USA at 22:52:41 Friday March 9 2001
Many thanks for so much extraordinary music.

derella in trexas at 21:39:14 Sunday February 25 2001

laurence frings in birmingham , alabama u.s.a. at 3:53:15 Monday February 19 2001
you have been agreat inspiration to me in my strugle and yearnings to learn the uilleann pipes.

blues world 2000 in usa at 20:17:10 Monday February 12 2001
great site if you get a chance check out my site!

Anon at 13:49:29 Saturday February 10 2001

Matt Schibler in Los Angeles at 20:0:57 Wednesday February 7 2001
I'm in an Irish Renaissance Military Reenactment Group here in California. My delvings into Irish music eventually brought me here.

Harriett Ritter in Kerrville, Texas at 12:11:9 Wednesday February 7 2001
will be going to Ireland this August 26th--would like to know what the weather is like to pack accordingly.

SHEHZAD DEURA in PAKISTAN at 16:25:46 Monday February 5 2001

Anon in PAKISTAN at 17:35:17 Sunday February 4 2001

SHEHZAD DEURA & CO at 17:34:26 Sunday February 4 2001

Terence McKinney in Detroit, Michigan at 20:18:46 Saturday January 27 2001
Photos from Chris Langan Weekend and the Starling piping recital in Toronto published at

Rory Braddell in Belfast at 13:44:44 Friday January 19 2001
Are you interested in jazz photography? If so, take a look at photos of Josua Redman, Stephon Harris, Toots Thielemans and Ahmad Jamal, which I took at the recent Cork jazz Festival. Great Website. Regards, RB.

Peter Egil in New Zealand. at 1:22:14 Wednesday January 10 2001
A piper from NZ sends his good wishes.

Anon at 18:5:0 Thursday January 4 2001

RAYMOND BYRNE in IRELAND at 21:54:31 Saturday December 30 2000
I have not got a fuckin clue what im at IM FECKINCRAZY@YAHOO.COM

Anon at 16:25:30 Tuesday December 26 2000

Brian O'Loughlin in Nottingham at 2:27:33 Monday December 25 2000
Know of you through Riverdance and also through my uncle Peter from Kilmaley, Co. Clare, with whom i believe you have played.

Barbara Morelle in Ohio, USA at 20:46:39 Saturday December 23 2000

TimVan in at 1:1:38 Wednesday December 13 2000
Hello!!! It's cold up in KC - man, some of these people who are supposed to know how to drive either went in the ditches or abandoned their car! Sorry to hear about Billy Blues - did you make it to HBS Xmas party?

vincent in utrecht holland at 14:20:20 Monday December 11 2000
the cards for your concert where sold out in Utrecht holland mabey next year!

Anon at 6:38:22 Friday December 8 2000

Anon at 6:38:18 Friday December 8 2000

Anon at 17:48:28 Monday December 4 2000

Dan Stegink in Chicago, IL (US) at 22:24:58 Friday December 1 2000
Question? Is there a Corby Lane in Donegal Town in Dongegal, EIRE? Trying to verify locatin of land deed.

rachel lucas in united kingdom at 22:25:44 Tuesday November 21 2000
i love your VERY!!!!! sexy eyes and your cute arse

eric sayer in cincinnati ohio at 0:50:39 Tuesday November 21 2000
thanks for the music on "Lover's Ghost".

Anon at 19:30:30 Thursday November 16 2000

Anon at 19:30:26 Thursday November 16 2000

sandy in Gloucester Mass. at 17:43:13 Monday November 13 2000
Just heard you on Afro Celt Sound System vol. 2 Great!! Awesome!!

Jack at 15:2:48 Saturday November 11 2000
hi feckincrazy if you meet bill or pat fleming tell them I will see them soon good luck jack

jari narhi in finland at 12:4:31 Thursday November 9 2000

Michael A. Roth in Michigan, United States at 13:31:17 Tuesday October 31 2000
Thank you for your wonderful site.

julian lloyd in Co Meath at 9:19:54 Monday October 30 2000

jim in dublin at 10:24:5 Friday October 27 2000

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Xavier Pallàs in Olot (Catalunya) at 18:24:40 Thursday October 26 2000
Querido Ronan, me llamo Xavier y soy de Olot. Tocaste en mi ciudad en 1998 (festival del Cornamusam) con Cran. Aquel dia decidí tocar el uilleann pipes. Hace un año que lo tengo y ya he grabado un tema en el disco de mi grupo de música irlandesa: BANSHEE. Sólo queria dar-te las gracias por ser la llave de mi descisión. Un fuerte abrazo. XEVI

Dr Heinrich Hindelang in nürnberg-germany at 15:47:33 Tuesday October 24 2000
just looking for mp3 uileann pipes music

feckincrazy in 19 carnew co wicklow ireland at 15:50:33 Sunday October 1 2000

Kayla in Nebraska at 22:11:34 Thursday September 28 2000

tom coffey in wexford at 15:50:49 Thursday September 28 2000

Jonas Nielsen in In Denmark at 11:56:13 Wednesday September 27 2000

John Hurley at 13:12:26 Monday September 11 2000
How's Garvan, Great site...your sense of humour pervades... Hope you're well. I'm still trying....miss the anglers there were some great nights...hoping to get to LA to do some a cover fron JOHNNY RIVERS which is starting to open a few doors... I'll talk to you soon.. See you JOHN

Fabrice in France at 11:30:33 Monday September 11 2000
I've heard the music you wrote for a movie in the King's John Castle in Limerick. that was GREAT The people told me that was buyable, any chance to have a copy in mp3 ?? thx anyway for such good music

Bob Gardiner in Toronto at 13:57:33 Thursday September 7 2000
Hi Ronan, I'm an uilleann piper originally from Belfast, living in Toronto, Canada.

frank van lare in den burg, texel, netherlands at 19:20:34 Sunday September 3 2000
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Erik W. Van Lare in Rochester, N.Y. at 3:47:3 Saturday December 14 96 Just stop in to say hello, hope to get back to Ireland soon. Looking around on the net I found a message from Eric William Van Lare. I like to have his E-mail address to ask him something about hem personellly. I like to complete the genealogy van Lare in whith he occurs. Greeting, Frank van Lare. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Néillidh in on the chair! at 16:4:28 Monday August 28 2000
Ronan, a chara, How are ye doin? I was in bearna/spiddal last week and I gather you are now resident in Conamara 4! Was on hols with sandra and the kids, so our paths/chanters evidently didn't cross.. Great weather and lots of fun. How are ye getting on? Playing away. Nice web site ye have. every success Ronan and hope to see ye soon. Beannachtaí Néillidh

Gregorio Bellodi in Mirandola(Modena)Italy.Sunday27 of August at 10:1:9 Sunday August 27 2000
I've seen the film "Agnes Browne"and I found you.It would be fantastic to meet you.I'm a 17 years old Italian learning uilleann pipes...I love them

John O'Brien. in Lucan Village,Co.Dublin. at 22:22:15 Wednesday August 23 2000
Hello Ronan, Stumbed on your site while on a general Jazz search.We're still battling the Hoors who want to build on Laraghcon.Best wishes.

Joanna Bates in Hay-On Wye at 19:16:25 Sunday August 20 2000
Hi, I'm looking to hire a piper for next year - please could you send details of average fee. Thanks.

allan moller in at 13:16:35 Friday August 11 2000
hello ronan,made any good reeds lately?i enjoyed the incredible exploding pipes trick at the manchester gig you did with pedar o'loughlin a while ago. cheers allan

michelle in Rosehill at 8:47:19 Wednesday August 9 2000
For the one and only Michelle

michelle at 8:45:5 Wednesday August 9 2000

Rita in australia at 3:17:1 Thursday August 3 2000
This page reminds me of the great times we had many years ago Rita

DClark in Boca Raton, FL at 22:18:9 Tuesday August 1 2000
You have a great website. If you're ever planning a trip to South Florida , pls drop an email. Also, a great piper here, Eammon Dillon. ( Best Regards, Dave

Shannon McMahon in Connecticut, USA at 19:37:8 Monday July 31 2000
Just trying to find an uilleann piper for my upcoming wedding. Unfortunately I live in the U.S.

eddie in portsmouth at 14:24:49 Thursday July 27 2000

Rune Ulriksen in Copenhagen, Denmark at 8:23:28 Thursday July 20 2000
Dear Ronan, thanks for your reply. I regret to inform you, tha Angus sadly died last year of stomach-cancer. I was fortunate enough to be taught by him at the 1. Scandinavian school of piping and drumming in 94, and again I met him the following year. at the Scandinavian Champinships In Copenhagen. I learned from a friend af Angus´, That he had been taken to hospital, and indeed, I actually thought he was going to make it, but as ill-luck would have it, I was the last person to learn of his untimely end. So there you have it! Angus told me, that the 2 of played together when you met. so I hope we can do that too, the next time you´re i Copenhagen. Yours truly, Rune.

Shane Lynch in Rep of Ireland at 16:4:46 Monday July 10 2000
I have a keen interest in the Uilleann Pipes and it's sound and tunes. I like to learn more about the history of the Uilleann Pipes. You're web page is top's.

rune ulriksen in copenhagen at 12:59:49 Monday July 3 2000
I have been a great fan of your playing, since I first heard you play at the Bartof Cafe` in Copenhagen in 95. I believe you use 2 sets of pipes. Who made them? It is especially the flat pipes, Im asking about. By the way,I know a friend of yours,pipemajor Angus Macdonald.

John Leonard in Nottingham, England at 23:54:49 Friday June 30 2000
I'm a great fan of your playing. Who made your pipes? By the way, great web site!!

suzanne at 18:21:45 Wednesday June 28 2000
Hello, if you are interested in Irish music and Davy Spillane, check out his new CD, together with The BMC band. It's great music. The site is: Sound files are included on the page. (The CD is also available with and other on line companies). All the best, Suzanne

Marco Baartse in Krommenie, The Netherlands at 11:20:32 Sunday June 25 2000

vincent in Holland at 15:49:32 Sunday June 11 2000
you played beautifull on the 16th of januari 2000 at the Vredenburg in Utrecht Holland!! I hope you come back next year.

Flaithrí Neff in Cork at 22:57:31 Tuesday May 30 2000
How's she cuttin' Ronan? Do you remember me in your class in Miltown

Mike Floody in Halesowen West Midlands England at 20:6:27 Saturday May 27 2000
Congratulations on a wonderful web page.I do not know why it has taken me so long to find you. I was in Chapelizod last year researching the Floody Family history and I'm afraid you are right in saying that has become a short cut to the city. I have traced my family in Chapelizod back to 1825 and I am still looking for further links all the time. They lived for some years at Mulberry Cottages and it was lovely to see that some of them have been renovated. I am interested in all aspects Of Chapelizods History so if any one or group could supply any I would be very grateful. Thanks once again for an informative and entertaining Web page. Mike Floody

Anon at 22:21:25 Friday May 26 2000

Ed Casey in Linwood Michigan USA at 14:39:57 Thursday May 18 2000
I am just learning hoie to use the enternet, hope you page well be a help. I will be tralving to Irland June 7, 2000. till June 21.2000 thank you for any information I can use. Top of the Morning to you Ed Casey

Bellodi Gregorio in I'm in Italy at 18:23:12 Tuesday May 16 2000

Christian Harvey in in Los Angeles just chillin' at school at 18:30:52 Monday May 15 2000

Krissy Heard in Washington high in Los Angeles at 18:29:20 Monday May 15 2000

Kirby MacLeod in New Zealand at 2:56:27 Saturday May 13 2000
Uilleann piper living in New Zealand. Originally from Cape Breton Island (Canada). Like your piping. Waiting for you to put out another CD - featuring pipes.

Mick Dooley in Shankill at 23:46:54 Thursday May 11 2000
I must talk to you about getting music playing on my web site. I liked your site - well done

Francis O'Donnell in Corpus Christi,Texas at 5:30:40 Friday April 28 2000
hello,just surfing the net and came across your pipe site all the way from the 2nd biggest state in the union-Texas.

michael mullen in co durham at 19:20:21 Saturday April 22 2000
I saw ronan in the bridge, newcastle about 1993 I have pipes made by peter hunter

Michael Mullen in co.Durham at 19:17:15 Saturday April 22 2000

Eric Hagen in South Dakota, USA at 3:26:56 Tuesday April 11 2000
I am looking for a recording of Delia Murphy singing "The Spinning Wheel" for The Beauty Queen of Leenane. Can you help me locate a recording?

trimble in here at 2:15:42 Monday April 10 2000
Come up and see me some time!

Sheri Murphy in Connecticut, USA at 3:52:55 Wednesday April 5 2000
I work for a musical talent agency called Musician's Exchange Located in Southern Florida, and manage one of our branch offices in Connecticut. We have many talented American Jazz Musicians who are extremely interested in sharing their music with Ireland! Please contact for more information. You can check out our website at Musicians Exchange.

Anon in ralph donovan at 5:53:4 Wednesday March 29 2000

martin nolan at 0:9:36 Saturday March 25 2000
hello ronan, hope you are well. I have a w/site almost set up and would like to link. drop me a line soon. regards M.

The Utrecht Jazz Orchestra in Netherlands at 20:34:3 Wednesday March 22 2000
The Utrecht Jazz Orchestra is coming to Dublin on a exchange program in april. A 20 man big-band 2 singers. Founded at 67 and still going.Dutch Radio 1.2.3. Dec.2000 in england. Looking for a club to perform.

The Utrecht Jazz Orchestra in Netherlands at 20:34:2 Wednesday March 22 2000
The Utrecht Jazz Orchestra is coming to Dublin on a exchange program in april. A 20 man big-band 2 singers. Founded at 67 and still going.Dutch Radio 1.2.3. Dec.2000 in england. Looking for a club to perform.

Gianni Pelle in Biella, North Italy at 21:25:48 Tuesday March 21 2000
I bought a set last year and have been studying on my own. I'm trying to find a course in Ireland at the end of August. I've got 2 of your CDs (Afro Celt),they're excellent. Can you help me ?

Ed Turbert in Hartford, CT USA at 23:13:44 Saturday March 4 2000
I have blundered through Finnegans Wake enough to appreciate this location. It is hearteningto know that it still holding off from urbanization. I look forward to visiting this area. Thanks for sharing this great place. Ed T I am just delighted to find out

christine at 20:53:33 Tuesday February 29 2000

louise in the attic at 21:54:33 Saturday February 26 2000
the way to a man's heart is through good wholesome food - How,m I doing????

Andrea in Melbourne,Australia at 8:37:50 Monday February 14 2000

Andrea in Melbourne, Australia at 8:37:26 Monday February 14 2000

Laney Kaatz in Colorado, USA at 21:41:19 Sunday February 13 2000

Paul Levin in Baltimore, Maryland at 18:39:34 Friday February 11 2000

Andreas Friedrichs in Naas at 15:9:22 Wednesday February 2 2000
Hi Garvan, Congratulations on your excellent pages they're well designed, very informative and intersting, although I haven't got a clue about Jazz in general. Thanks for the help today...the stuff seems to work with me. I'll be in touch soon.

Andreas Friedrichs at 15:5:22 Wednesday February 2 2000

robbie hannan at 14:11:41 Tuesday February 1 2000
love the piping Ronan but can you drive two hundred and thirty yards. That is the question.

Anon at 14:7:2 Tuesday February 1 2000

Bill O'Beirne in Denver, Colorado. USA at 19:12:40 Monday January 31 2000
Great to find these kinds of pages. I have a jazz combo that grew out of the Neophonic Jazz Orchestra now based in Denver Colorado. After a visit to Ireland a year ago, I have been very interested in finding opportunities to play over there. If anyone one can suggest a good jumping off point for information on booking a group in Ireland, I would be very interested. I will be visiting (purely for relaxation purposes) in May of this year. Would love to sit in with some folks while I'm there. Keep up the great work.

Natalie Frayne in Los Angeles Ca USA at 9:23:22 Sunday January 30 2000
Hello all, Thanks for these wonderful pages. I would love to hoist one again at the Angliers Rest in Strawberry Beds. We are having wonderful balmy weather her in Los Angeles. We need more Irishmen however.

tyson in USA at 1:2:21 Thursday January 27 2000
I am a jazz pianist from the U.S.- looking to collaborate on some music during my trip to ireland in June. Please email me if you would like to talk furthur about this. tyson

Le Gall Yvon in Carhaix(bretagne) at 21:47:55 Sunday January 16 2000
hello Ronan, I first saw you playing at Quimper(Bretagne) in an old theatre.You had to struggle against warpipes whith your old flat-set during this exhibition !!! I hope see you again in Brittany best wishes

charlie mc crystal in Omagh Co. Tyrone at 23:48:55 Friday January 7 2000
hi Ronan I see you are now active in the Afro-Celt Sound group. The last time I was talking to you was at Renvyl in Conemara 1985 ? No albums of your solo music now that would be a treat for flat set lovers . All the best for 2000. charlie...

karissa ronan in oregon(u.s) at 22:19:55 Thursday December 30 99
nice name.

Antón Davila in Galicia at 19:51:39 Wednesday December 22 99
I heard about you, but I coudn't never to get a CD of yours

Thomas Aebi in Basel Switzerland at 11:48:35 Saturday December 18 99
hello from Tom

Eddie Brophy in Wales...ugly sheep though at 0:54:41 Thursday December 16 99
Always been a fan of yours. I play some myself, a big flat set and a concert set...Ive always had the music, and too many kids! Keep up the good work, you are a fine musician. God bless

eddie Brophy in Wales...ugly sheep though at 0:52:2 Thursday December 16 99
Always been a fan of yours. I play some myself, a big flat set and a concert set...Ive always had the music, and too many kids! Keep up the good work, you are a fine musician. God bless

Test at 14:10:33 Sunday December 12 99

roseann and bridget at 14:10:58 Tuesday April 20 99

Sune in Tranbjerg, Denmark at 12:25:30 Wednesday April 7 99
Hej irere!! Har i et problem? E¤r i mongoler

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