Farnham Estate

Farnham Estate to the northwest of Cavan town as it is now known was originally called Waldron Estate, after Sir Richard Waldron the first landlord in the area. In 1664 the Right Rev. Robert Maxwell, Bishop of Kilmore and successor to Bishop Bedell purchased the Waldron Estate and renamed it Farnham after Sir Richard's wife who was a Miss Farnham. The estate has remained in the Farnham family since then. Farnham House is one of the largest houses in Co. Cavan. It was built c. 1810 and was designed by Francis Johnston, a leading Dublin architect. The house was redesigned in the 1970's.

Farnham Estate and House

Farnham House before it was redesigned in the 1970's

The following people have held the title Baron or Lord Farnham



Name of Lords

Member of Parliament

1st Baron


John Maxwell (Built Farnham House)

1727 - 1756

2nd Baron


RobertMaxwell (son of John)


3rd Baron


Barry Maxwell (brother of Robert)

1757 - 1760

4th Baron

5/2/1759 - 24/7/1823

John James Maxwell (son of Barry)Known as Shane Rua


5th Baron


John BarryMaxwell (nephew of Barry)

1806 - 1823

6th Baron


Rev. Henry Maxwell (brother of John)

Held the title for 1 month

7th Baron

1800 - 20/8/1868

Henry Maxwell (son of Rev. Henry)


8th Baron

1803 - 4/6/1884

Somerset Richard Maxwell (brother of Henry)


9th Baron

1813- 1896

James Pierce Maxwell (brother of Henry)


10th Baron


Somerset Henry Maxwell(nephew of James Pierce)


11th Baron


Arthur Kenlis Maxwell


12th Baron


Barry Owen SomersetMaxwell (grandson of Arthur Kenlis )


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