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FELT was created in Dublin, in December 1998 to provide a Forum for English Language Teachers in Ireland. The old EFL teachers' organisation in Ireland died a horrible death. Painful to watch... Those of us who still cared got together and recreated a new teachers' organisation to provide networking opportunities and practical support for EFL/ESL teachers and teacher trainers in Ireland - North and South. FELT Ireland became an Associate Member of IATEFL in January 2000.

The association thrived for a few years but eventually it began to die off as all of the work was being done by fewer and fewer people. The end came when the last person turned off the lights. However, he left the website up, so that people can continue to access the old newsletters. Below are previous copies of the FELT Newsletter in PDF format for those who are interested. To read these PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 or later.

  • In memoriam: Gronia de Verdon Cooney
  • New Item! Final Edition - FELT Newsletter Volume 4, No.1 - Spring 2002 (852K)

  • FELT Newsletter Vol. 3, No.3 - Autumn/Winter 2002 (284K)
  • FELT Newsletter Vol. 3, No.2 - Summer 2001 (300K)
  • FELT Newsletter Vol. 3, No.1 - Spring 2001 (216K)
  • FELT Newsletter Vol. 2, No.4 - Winter 2000 (265K)
  • FELT Newsletter Vol. 2, No.3 - Autumn 2000 (431K)
  • FELT Newsletter Vol. 2, No.2 - Summer 2000 (325K)
  • FELT Newsletter Vol. 2, No.1 - Spring 2000 (432K)
  • FELT Newsletter Vol. 1, No.4 - Winter 1999 (112K)
  • FELT Newsletter Vol. 1, No.3 - Autumn 1999 (58K)
  • FELT Newsletter Vol. 1, No.2 - Summer 1999 (188K)
  • FELT Newsletter Vol. 1, No.1 - Spring 1999 (95K)
  • FELT Application Form 2002

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    Applied Linguistics and EFL Papers

  • NEW-ish! Using the Pedagogical Dictionary as a Resource
  • Learner Training for Learner Autonomy on Summer Language Courses.
  • Reading Theory as a Microcosm of the Four Skills.
  • The Ideal Dictionary - a Utopian Reality?

  • Classroom Materials, Jokes and Spoof Papers

  • NEW-ish Anagrams just for fun!!!
  • Things People Say & Their Real Meanings
  • Newspaper Headlines to make you Laugh and Think
  • Oxymoron and Other Bits of Amusing Language
  • A Collection of Tongue Twisters
  • A Slightly Jaundiced Introduction to Linguistics
  • Lush Theory: The Jynnan Tonnix Sprachbund
  • Bicycle Analysis and Discourse Maintenance

  • Links to Other EFL Sites

  • Teaching Unplugged
  • The ELT Newsletter
  • The TEFL Farm
  • The Internet TESLJournal
  • Dave Sperling's ESL Café
  • Karen's ESL Party Land
  • Linguistic Funland - a bizarre baazar of things linguistic
  • Trinity College Dublin's CLCS English Language Teachers' Area
  • The Applied Linguistics Virtual Library
  • IATEFL - The International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

  • Coffee addiction is one of the hallmarks of the great EFL teacher

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