Mute swan

Claddagh Swans

Mute swan

If you take a walk down the Claddagh pier, you will notice a great number of swans. These swans are known as mute swans. Adult mute swans are pure white with orange bills. The young swan is called a cygnet. They are pale grey in colour and have a lead coloured bill.

Mute swans in the bay


There is one swan, which is the odd one out as it is from Iceland. It is called the whooper swan. This swan has a yellow and black arrowed beak.
The swans are fed by the local Claddagh people and tourists on a daily basis.

Whooper swan


 Feeding the swans


This year we studied and filmed the Mute Swan as part of our Fionn project. To view the video and learn more about this amazing bird click on the swan's nest below and then scroll down the resultant web page to find the video link. Hope you enjoy it!!!