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   Local Studies
 Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors

"The Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors (AAI&S) is an international body for those engaged in all aspects of professional archaeological illustration and survey"

Association for Environmental Archaeology (AEA)

"The AEA promotes the advancement of the study of human interaction with the environment in the past through archaeology and related disciplines"

British & Irish Archaeological Bibliography (BIAB)

"your interactive gateway to archaeological research"

Archaeology, School of Geography and Archaeology: The Human Environment,
University College Cork

School of Archaeology, University College Dublin
Department of Archaeology, National University of Ireland, Galway


Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit, Department of Botany

Department of History, University of Dublin, Trinity College
Discovery Programme

"The Discovery Programme is an archaeological research institution dedicated to investigating Irelands past from earliest times and presenting the results to as wide an audience as possible"

Dept. of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government
The Heritage Council  An Chomhairle Oidhreachta

"Its role is to propose policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of the national heritage"

"This database contains summary accounts of all the excavations carried out in Ireland– North and South – from 1970 to 2000"

Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland

"The Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland is a professional organisation representing archaeologists working through out Ireland. Our membership includes all sectors of the profession in both jurisdications"


Institute of Technology, Sligo

Institute for Archaeologists

"The IfA advances the practice of archaeology and allied disciplines by promoting professional standards and ethics for conserving, managing, understanding and promoting enjoyment of heritage"

Irish Archaeology on the Internet

"A guide to Irish archaeology both for the interested layman and the professional archaeologist"

Irish Museums Association

"The Irish Museums Association is a voluntary, not for profit organisation dedicated to promoting the interests of museums and those who work in them throughout Ireland, both north and south."

Irish Quaternary Association

"IQUA is the Irish Association for Quaternary Studies, and provides the only forum for the cross-fertilisation of ideas between Quaternary scientists of different backgrounds in Ireland"

National Archive of Ireland  An Chartlann Náisiúnta
National Library of Ireland   Leabharlann Náisiúnta na h-Éireann
 National Museum of Ireland   Ard-Mhúsaem na hÉireann
 National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Department of History

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

"To protect, conserve and promote our natural environment and built heritage for the benefit of present and future generations"

Department of Archaeology and Palaeoecology, The Queen's University of Belfast
Royal Irish Academy

"Ireland's Academy for the sciences and humanities"

"To preserve, examine and illustrate all ancient monuments and memorials of the arts, manners and customs of the past, as connected with the antiquities, language, literature and history of Ireland"



"A site about Irish archaeology: conferences; links;news; information and the internet"

Centre for Maritime Archaeology, School of Environmental Studies,
University of Ulster,