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Photographer of the Year Competition Rules

Valid from January 26th 2005 to December 31st 2005.

At our AGM of January 26th 2005 it was decided that the number of entries allowed per person per project be reduced to two. The rules below have been updated to reflect this compared to the 2004 rules.

At our AGM of January 26th 2005 it was decided that the total number of projects for the year be seven, with six of those projects counting towards the final score at year end. Rule 5.6 below updated on December 7th 2005 when it was brought to the attention of the committee that the rule as listed did not reflect this.

1.0 Projects:
1.1 The number and type of projects and the photographic medium to be used shall be notified by the committee.

2.0 Entries:
2.1 All entries must have been taken by the entrant.
2.2 Images entered in any previous Photographer of the Year projects are not elegible for re-entry either in the originally presented medium or any new medium i.e. colour print, monochrome print, or transparency.
2.3 The number of entries shall be limited to two per person per project.
2.4 Only one photograph per mount can be entered.
2.5 Members and associate members shall be entitled to enter.

3.0 Voting:
3.1 All entries shall be voted on by members and associate members present at the time of voting.
3.2 Each entry shall be awarded from zero to ten points at the discretion of the voter.
3.3 Voters may not award points to their own entries and random audits shall be carried out to ascertain this.

4.0 Grouping:
4.1 Members and associate members shall be divided into 3 groups i.e. A, B and C according to experience and ability. "A" reflects the higher level of experience and ability, "C" the lower and "B" falls between "A" and "C".
4.2 Categorisation of members into groups shall be decided by the committee. A person may opt for a higher grouping than that allocated by the committee. A member seeking a lower grouping may appeal to the committee whose decision shall be final.

5.0 Handicapping and Points Calculation:
5.1 The total number of votes awarded to each entry per project shall be divided by the number of voters to give the average vote awarded to each entry.
5.2 The average vote per entry shall then be multiplied by a handicap as follows;
  • Group A multiplied by a factor of one (1)
  • Group B multiplied by a factor of one point one (1.1)
  • Group C multiplied by a factor of one point two five (1.25).
Handicap factors shall be decided by the committee.
5.3 Calculations in 5.1 and 5.2 above shall be carried out as one calculation and rounded up to one place of decimal (equal to or greater than 0.05 shall be rounded up).
5.4 Only one entry per person per project shall be allowed to accumulate points and this shall always be the entrant's highest scoring entry.
5.5 Points shall accumulate on a project to project basis.
5.6 The number of projects for a year is seven. The overall end of year score per person shall be calculated on the six best scores of the seven projects.

6.0 Winning:
6.1 Winners shall be decided by the highest accumulated points at the end of all the projects subject to the rules above.
6.2 Categories of winners shall be as follows;
  • Group A Winner.
  • Group B Winner.
  • Group C Winner.
  • Overall (all groups) Winner.
  • Overall (all groups) Second.
  • Overall (all groups) Third.
6.3 In the event of a tie the outcome shall be decided by external judge or judges as arranged by the committee and the judge's decision shall be final.

7.0 Awards:
7.1 The overall winner shall receive the Stables Perpetual Trophy and a trophy to keep.
7.2 The overall second shall receive a trophy to keep.
7.3 The overall third shall receive a trophy to keep.
7.4 The overall winner shall not receive a group winner award.
7.5 The remaining two group winners (which do not contain the overall winner) shall receive the Du Bhál and Trophy World Perpetual Trophies and a trophy to keep i.e. one perpetual trophy and one trophy to keep to each group winner.

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