Ummera House, Timoleague, Co. Cork, Ireland
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Smoking at Ummera started in 1971; since then Ummera Smoked Wild Salmon has achieved a reputation amongst connoisseurs of good food for the excellence of its flavour and for its consistent quality.

Ummera House overlooks the Argideen River which flows into Courtmacsherry Bay at Timoleague. Between the Old Head of Kinsale and The Mizen Head in South West Ireland, fishermen lay their nets for the King of Fishes, The Wild Atlantic Salmon. The Seven Heads, Clonakilty Bay, Galley Head, Toe Head, Baltimore, The Fastnet Rock - generations of fishermen have fished these waters.

Why should Ummera Smoked Wild Salmon be your choice?

Wild Salmon acquire their colour from shrimp and other crustaceans eaten during their time at sea; they are not artificially coloured by pigments added to their feed.

Wild Salmon have a firm yet tender flesh developed whilst swimming freely in the Atlantic Ocean. They are not soft and flabby from cruising round a cage.

Smoked Wild Salmon should taste of Salmon, with the oak smoke and salt enhancing the flavour, not overpowering or concealing the natural taste.

Wild Salmon are full of beneficial oils obtained from their natural diet.

Wild Salmon are not subjected to extensive disease control; inoculation, vaccination, antibiotics and chemical treatments do not feature in their environment.

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