The Story of Halloween
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Halloween brings us back to the early days of Irish civilisation. 2,000 years ago October 31 was the Celtic New Year's Eve. It was believed that on this day Samhain, the Lord of Death, allowed the souls of the dead to visit their former homes in company with goblins, black cats and demons. The Celts built huge bonfires to frighten off these creatures and hid from them in costumes made from animal skins and heads.

Apples were made part of Halloween by the Romans in an honour to Pomona their goddess of fruit and trees. Converting beet and turnips to lanterns began some time in the Christian era. These are often called jack-o-lanterns, after a poor soul named Jack who was refused entry to either Heaven or Hell. He is doomed to carry one of these lanterns about until Judgement Day. Trick or Treat was a medieval addition. It stemmed from beggars who would go from door to door asking for spiced soul cakes.
So Halloween is a product of our Celtic heritage, modified by later cultures. It was one of our early exports. Irish emigrants have introduced the holiday to other nations world wide.

Dublin City

Samhain Dublin annual Halloween Parade recapturing our celtic heritage. Street parade motto 'don't spectate participate'. Assemble municiple art gallery, Parnell Square 7pm Oct 30, 2003. Fireworks finale civic offices.

The festival will run from the 1st to the 31st of October.

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Do Come To Our Boo Bash ! Call ur friends/ family/ loved ones over for a Halloween bash.

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