9th March, 2000

A few weeks ago, we in the ‘Douglas Weekly, came up with an idea which we thought would be good because it would involve our young people in St. Columba’s girls and boys school. We rang school principal Michelle Cashman and asked her if her students would write a composition on “Why I like living in Douglas”. Michelle liked the idea and today we continue to publish another four entries. At the end of the competition we will get a judge to pick three winners, who will receive a prize from Douglas Books. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did ...

What I Like About Douglas By: Aoife O'Driscoll

I have lived in Douglas as long as I remember, that's about 11 or 12 years, and in all that time I never even once wished that I had lived somewhere else. We have the most beautiful little village here with everything for everyone. We have a gorgeous hotel called "Rochestown Park Hotel". It has lovely swimming pool and a gym upstairs. So if you ever want to go swimming you can tell your Mom that she's gained some weight, then when she's in the gym you can enjoy a little swim in the pool.
We have a whole range of shops. My personal favourite is "Glenavon Stores" a cosy little shop that has almost everything. The cinema is a fantastic building in which you can get loads of friend assistance. "The Bamboo House" is an excellent Chinese take-away. I must say that they have the best Fried Rice I've ever tasted. St Columba's Church has just been done up and it looks absolutely fabulous (Not that it didn't look great before)
The Library has a great selection of books and is the perfect place to go if you ever needed to research something. But that isn't all Douglas has to offer!
We have loads of sports facilities as well. The G.A.A. hall is the perfect place for in-door camogie because they are no windows to break. There is also a lovely tennis club which has an excellent coach called Pat. If you go to Rochestown Leisure Centre you can get Karate lessons. So while knocking out people your parents can have a quick massage, it's a perfect cure for stress. There is also a football club, College Corinthians, that has been doing very well. Too bad the seniors lost to the Fairview Rangers in the F.A.I. Cup.
St Columba's has a fabulous girls school and also has a boys school and a school for the Deaf. The girl's school has a very talented principal, Mrs Cashman, and some very nice teachers. The yards are lovely and they have tennis courts and basketball courts. Last year we planted 3000 bulbs, which should rise in spring. We also have a fantastic G.A.A. pitch, which we use for most of our activities. We have a bunch of after school activities such as Speech and Drama, Gymnastics, Keyboard lessons and many many more.
Douglas is a really nice place. That's why for the Millennium I was at home in the place I live and Love.

What I like About Douglas By: Alana Straub

Douglas is one of the nicest suburbs of Cork City, situated not too near the city or not too far out of the city, it's location is perfect. Douglas has a lot of open spaces and a lot of trees, it's also not too noisy, or crowded. I am extremely proud to come from Douglas and even more proud to say so.
Douglas has a great range of facilities including a five screen cinema, Douglas Court and Tesco shopping centres, restaurants like McDonalds, Mario's Take-Away, Paddy Garibaldis, Dinos and Leonardo's. You have everything you need and it's great for old and young with beautiful churches, a great library and exquisite clothes and sports shops.
I love sports, so I couldn't be happier with all the sports facilities that Douglas has to offer, a lovely swimming pool, a tennis club, a brand new G.A.A. Hall and two hugh football pitches, also not forgetting the near-by golf course and bowl pitch.
I have been in St Columbas school since junior infants. Our school is definitely one in a million it is situated just across from Daily's newsagent and I will be really sad leaving it. Last October we planted 3,000 daffodils and no doubt they will look smashing when they come up in a few weeks time. Our school is now joined with the school for the Deaf Children. We are very lucky to have 31 computers, a lovely school grounds, a beautiful main entrance, use of the G.A.A pitches right on our doorstep and a fabulous Gaelic football and camogie coach. Last November we were in the football finals and played in Pairc Ui Rinn. I was honoured to be chosen as goal-keeper.
With a lot of things to do and see, Douglas is the place to be. To anyone coming to live in Cork, make it Douglas.

What I Like About Douglas By: Eibhlin Foley

Douglas is the number one place to live. Trust me , I have lived here all my life. Douglas may be called a village but it seems a lot more to me. Lots of amenities and facilities for everyone no matter what age you are. The playground might be a choice for your son or daughter, or maybe a spot of golf for you. It's your time and it's your choice whatever you pick and believe me there is lots to choose from. Why not stay and take a quick dip in Maryborough House Hotel or have a bite to eat in Teasers in Tesco's or get an ice-cream in Douglas Court. The cinema here is absolutely fabulous. They have lovely meals in Barry's or a nice burger in K.C's or lovely kids meals in McDonalds. Our own church has been renovated recently, it is beautifully decorated. The library is situated in Tesco's, they have books for all ages.
I myself am at school, St Columba's, Gaelic Football team and I must say the thrill of playing in the Cork Finals was really amazing. Our main hall is the G.A.A. Hall, if you like to workout there are plenty of leisure centres. There'' a tennis club on the Well Road. Our pool is identical to the pool in Churchfield. There is a magnificent golf course on Maryborough Hill. The G.A.A, pitch is in a very convenient place outside the school.
As soon as you have stepped into our school grounds you get the feeling of peace and tranquillity, you'll be amazed at the work of our principal and the students to make our school what it is today. The spacious ground has been used for nature projects, for instance we planted 3,000 daffodils around many trees. The school itself is a lovely building, we have a computer room, a hall and three yards. We recently amalgamated with the School for the Deaf. Now all our infant classes are down there. For P.E two G.A.A. pitches are right behind the school so we can easily avail of them. We do creative dance and sometimes we enter in the Cor Fheile. I am so proud of living in Douglas. I wouldn't move if I was offered the White House.

What I Like About Douglas By: Emma Murphy

Douglas is a fantastic place to live in because there is always something to do here and it is almost impossible for anyone to get bored.
Douglas is a village, but it still has lots of facilities. There is something here to interest everyone, whether it's going out to a nice restaurant, going to the cinema, or going shopping in one of the two shopping centres, you name it Douglas has it. There are some lovely hotels such as Rochestown Park Hotel and Maryborough House Hotel. There is a library with a large selection of books to suit all ages and there are also lots of churches in Douglas and our local church St. Columba's has been recently done up and now it looks really beautiful.
Douglas is the perfect place for sports fans because it has the G.A.A. Hall which our school uses for playing indoor camogie and football. It has many leisure centres and there is also a golf course. There is also a tennis club.
Our school St. Columba's has spacious grounds, recently we planted 3,000 daffodils and when they grow in spring they will look lovely. We also have a bog garden that looks fantastic especially in the summer. We are very fortunate to have a pitch which is really close to our school. The official name of the school is St. Columba's G.N.S. with Facilities for Deaf children. There are 652 pupils in our school and there are 30 teachers. It is good to live in Douglas because even though it is just a suburb it is still very close to the city.
I am very proud to say that I am from Douglas. When I go to another part of Cork and when people ask me where I'm from, I say Douglas and a big smile spreads across my face.