1st March, 2001

Rochestown Road Sweep?

Dear Michael,

I like your magazine, so glad to see the people of Douglas are cleaning up the rubbish.
I’d love if they could come up to Rochestown Road and brush around the four islands by the roundabout, they are a disgrace, nothing has been done there for at least six years.

Keep up the good work.
(Name and address with editor)


Dear Mr O'Hanlon,

I also have noticed the interference from this transmitter. This was causing interference for some time, around 1999 and re-surfaced in the past few months after a break. It seems to be a "religious" radio (or cable) broadcast which is being re-transmitted in the Douglas Area, illegally. I contacted RTE, 96 FM and Today FM, as the signal is interfering with their transmissions. RTE engineers are aware of this interference and know the address of the transmitter, however RTE are not allowed do anything about it. The Department of Communications have responsibility for policing the airwaves, and thus have responsibility for shutting down this station, however, when I contacted them, I was told it could be over three months before an engineer could come to Cork to investigate.
Where do we go from here?
Peadar Gill, Donnybrook.


I would like to apologies to the Douglas G.A.A. Club and The Douglas Weekly for the article I wrote on last week's notes referring to the High Rise Car Park. It is not the Club's policy to highlight these types of issues it was purely personal. I apologise again for any offence caused by my error.



My family is searching for our Harris family members in County Cork. Our great-grandfather, William Harris married Catherine O'Connell or Connally [have found her last name spelled both ways] Believe they lived in Skibbereen, County Cork, 1800-1880. The US branch of Harris descendants are descended from two of their children. 1. Helena Harris born about 16 December 1841 in Ireland and died 05 January 1917 in Seattle, WA. Helena married Peter Driscoll and they had at least 3 children (Timothy, Bridget, and William) born in the Skibbereen area between 1860-1866, before the Driscoll family moved to the USA. Peter Driscoll was the son of Peter Driscoll and Mary Dunnivan, and was born about 15 August 1820 in Ireland, and died 06 December1909 in Seattle, WA. Peter Driscoll was a baker by trade and served in the US Army during the US Civil War. Peter and Helena had 10 children. 2nd known Harris child: Elizabeth Harris, aka Lizzie, was born about Ol May 1853 in the Skibbereen area and died 08 February 1936 in Sacramento CA. Lizzie moved to the USA about 1866-1867 and married Patrick Breen in 1868 in Richmond VA. Patrick Breen was born about March 1 849 in County Kerry and he served in the US Army between 1865-1880, and was a drayman in Boise, ID USA until his death in 1899. They had 13 children.
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J.D. McDonald