8th March, 2001

Bus Service to CIT?

Dear Editor,
A daughter of mine is hoping to start a course in CIT this coming September. I have made some preliminary enquiries about bus travel and was informed by Bus Eireann that they don’t provide a service from Douglas. I understand that they might be willing to do so if the demand was there for such a service. I wonder is the demand there? If so, maybe an approach could be made to the company during the summer. I felt that contacting Douglas Weekly would be the ideal way to get a reaction!
Douglas resident (name and address with editor).


Dear Michael,
Having read your articles in the "Douglas Weekly" regarding litter everywhere. As a visitor to the area, I was surprised to see a 'small green' situated between the cinema and McDonalds, inside a 2ft. brick wall along the main road. I'm sure that foreign visitors, plus our own of course, would be very shocked to see this place. I hope you can visit it and take a photograph of the beer and soft drink cans, chip cartons, crisp bags, cigarette packets etc. Enough to fill 'A Skip' and it all looks so very ugly. There is a proper litter bin at this wall but on looking inside , no one bothered to use it. Would it not be a good idea to get Fás or the Dole people to clean it up, also at the same time all this area is fairly well littered too. Before summer arrives and the visitors, it would be good idea to get an immediate start seeing that we are in March now. I hope you will go and look for yourself as you are living in the vicinity of this big eye sore.
Yours Sincerely, Bill Dooley, Kilnamartyra, Macroom


It's terrific to see you back on line with the Weekly. I sure missed it. Congratulations to all involved in the rubbish cleanup in Douglas, it is inspiring to hear that so many are tired of seeing the litter problem passed off to someone else and are willing and able to take time out of their busy schedules and roll up their sleeves to get the job done, my hat is off to you all. Douglas is a beautiful village and needs to be kept as such. Also, I applaud the support that has come out AGAINST the high rise parking that has been proposed for Douglas, the words of a well known Joni Mitchell song come to mind, "they paved paradise and put up a parking lot" well at least not in Douglas.
We have been rained out here in San Juan Capistrano. I thought I was back in Ireland. We are in our rainy season at the moment, it comes down in buckets, and the hills are starting to turn green, which is a change from the brown burnt look that we normally see. We are getting ready for the return (from Argentina) of the Swallows (remember the song) to the Mission San Juan which
takes place each year on St Joseph's day - March 19th. We will have a lovely parade through the town (Population approx. 30,000) which is the largest non-motorized parade in the US. The locals all turn out in their old western clothes (Cowboy hat, boots, guns and holster etc) and ride their horses through the middle of the town. The weather is usually beautiful at that time of year in the low 70's F. Thanks again for a great service.
John Dilloughery


Dear Sir,
On behalf of the Cork Outreach Group of the Chernobyl Children's Project 1 would like to thank the people of the Douglas area for the very generous response to our food appeal at both the shopping centres in Douglas.
We collected a huge amount of food and raised a large amount of money. This money will go towards buying Calpol, which will go out on the Convoy to the villages, hospitals and orphanages in Belarus.
This basic medicine is in very short supply even in the hospitals and it will be very much appreciated when it is delivered on the April Convoy.
The People from the Douglas Area were extremely generous in their response to our appeal and we would appreciate it if you would thank them for us.
We really appreciate your assistance, thank you again.
Yours Sincerely, Anne Berkeley Chairperson.
Chernobyl Children's Project- 021 4505094


Dear Michael,
These photos were not taken in Bangladesh but up here in Scart, as you can see by the condition of the road it is now a disaster area (did we hear that there maybe an election coming up shortly) Anyway Michael we did not have any problem up here until the builders moved in ( no drains blocked, no mud or surface water even the walls used to be white but now we have to wear our Wellingtons coming and going to the Bus at Scart Cross and you guessed it, the driver will not let on in muddy Wellies, so they have to be planked and the clean shoes taken out of the plastic bag. Hope the politicians see this letter.
Yours, D. McCarthy.