17th May, 2001


Dear Editor,

I am appealing to your popular 'Weekly' to know if there are any facilities in the Grange/ Frankfield areas where a 15-year-old could play basketball for the summer months? My Son would love to join a club if there was one. He is not into GAA unfortunately for him, as there are plenty of those about. Are there any other basketball fans out there? If so where do they play, get coaching, matches etc?
Is basketball confined to the Northside, e.g. Neptune? Also are there any youth clubs in the locality catering for this age group?
As far as I know Grange/Frankfield Youth Club caters for up to 13 year olds only. What is there for boys this age to do in a constructive way for the holidays?
Any suggestions or help would be welcome.
"Concerned Mother"
(Name and address with editor)


A Chara,

As summer is here most of us are getting ready for our well deserved summer holidays, counting the days, the pesetas, the lira etc. Packing the tan oil, designer beachwear, ready to jet off to some exotic place.
But not for one group of Cork people who are taking aid and help to an orphanage in Hencesti, Moldova. Before you break the crystal looking for an atlas, Moldova is a small country about the size of Munster, landlocked between Romania and Ukraine.
Among these volunteers is one of our locals Liz Corcoran from 42 Alderwood, South Douglas Road. Liz works as a Chef in Riordans Bar/ Restaurant on Washington Street.
Last year a group of Cork people took a container of aid to Hincesti and spent three weeks trying to improve conditions. Some of the conditions they are battling against; contaminated water no proper sanitation and no power supply.
There are two hundred children in this orphanage, from four years to teenagers. Their disabilities and illnesses include; Aids, Polio, Hepatitis, Diphtheria etc.
Up to last year these children did not have any medical aid. 'Outreach Moldova' has now a medical team there on a continuous basis. There is much more to be done. Three years ago there were fifty-five deaths in this orphanage, while on a positive note this number has now been reduced to three deaths. These children when they die are not buried in a normal graveyard, as they are not considered 'proper human beings'. Instead they are buried in unmarked graves outside the graveyard.
The Cork Branch of 'Outreach Moldova' are returning to Hincesti on 16th June, but are very badly in need of funds. The children of Hincesti would be forever grateful to you or your company if you could see your way to make a contribution to their needs.
Liz would like to thank her employers Paul and Margaret Montgormy for their generosity and help.
You can help by contacting Liz at 021 4891289.
Yours Sincerely