7th June, 2001


An application for Planning Permission is expected to be lodged by the Belgian Company Indaver in June to site an incinerator for hazardous and non hazardous waste (burning 200,000 tonnes of waste per year) at Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork (directly under the historic Martello Tower). This site is just 6 miles from Douglas/Rochestown and 3 miles from Carrigaline! Approximately 250,000 people in the Cork region, within a 30 mile radius, are directly threatened if this goes ahead.
Local Community Groups and Residents Associations are mobilising to oppose this monster. The PEOPLE AGAINST TOXIC INCINERATION has been established by local community groups in the Lower Harbour area to spearhead opposition and promote safer alternatives to incineration. We are a non-profit alliance, supported by representatives of all Political Parties.
What you should know about Incineration:-
According to the World Health Organisation, municipal waste incinerators are the greatest source of dioxin in the world today. Dioxins are known human carcinogens; Greenpeace call incinerators 'Cancer Factories'.
Emissions from an incinerator would threaten our health; the food produced in the region and could devalue property such as homes, farms and businesses. It could also threaten the jobs of those who are already working in the Cork region – including those working in the pharmaceutical factories in the Lower Harbour area. An incinerator will emit dangerous substances - all day, every day, for the next 25 - 30 years. On top of this, almost 40% by weight (i.e. 37,000 tonnes) of what is burned will remain as ash - some of which will be hazardous - this will have to be disposed of using landfill and other methods. This figure will increase to 74,000 tonnes if the incinerator operates to full capacity. So, incineration doesn't solve the waste problem - it just makes it more dangerous by generating dangerous emissions and toxic ash.
Incineration is not only unsafe, it is also an expensive way to deal with our waste. The incinerator planned for Ringaskiddy will cost 75 million. On top of this, there are running costs, and a profit margin. The burden of paying for this monster will have to be carried by local communities, farmers and businesses. Other waste management solutions exist which are cheaper, safer, simpler and are more sustainable ways of dealing with our waste. The U.S. and Australia are moving away from using incineration as a means of waste management now after years of doing so.
Also , 85 trucks carrying toxic waste will travel through Cork every day from all over Ireland.
The communities of Douglas, Rochestown, Grange and Donnybrook are in the ‘direct line of contamination’ should a disaster occur at this toxic incinerator. So support the opposition to this proposed incinerator .

People Against Toxic Incineration (P.A.T.I.)
Ringaskiddy, Co.Cork
087 91723147
087 960 944


Dear Micheal,
Since I wrote my last letter to "The Douglas Weekly", very many people (residents of Douglas), have contacted me, seeking information on the proposed High-Rise Development in Douglas Village. As a result, one fact has become very obvious i.e. the lack of information which abounds amongst the public regarding the impact which this monstrosity will have on our Village. The vast majority of the people of Douglas are not aware of what is going to hit them if this is allowed to go ahead. If the people of Douglas saw the plans (which they are entitled to), they would see for themselves, the enormity in height, size etc. of this concrete structure. The sheer scale of it will take out so much sky line which Douglas people will never see agin. It will cast long shadows over places like St Columbas Tce., St Patrick's Tce., South Douglas Rd, etc. The beautiful vista which now faces the people driving the South Link Road into Douglas will then resemble that of Ballymun in Dublin.
I urge the people to inform themselves before it is too late. The lack of information is due to the lack of consultation.
Where are our Local Councillors? Concerned people should contact the Planning Departments of Cork Corporation or Cork County Council to register an objection, or come to the meeting, details of which can be seen on this issue of "The Douglas Weekly".

Yours Sincerely
Micheal Martin, Douglas


Dear Michael,
As you know the judging could take place any time during June July with a second visit in August and results in September.
Last Saturday a Very large group of volunteers turned up for the Street Sweep with another business allocating a member of Staff to help during the Summer months
The Street Sweep will also commence on Wednesdays 7 - 9 pm during June.A number of people expressed a preference for wednesdays during our recent promotion of the Tidy Towns in both the Village Shopping Centre and Douglas Court Shopping Centre.
Cork County Council did excellent work in cleaning the river near the ICA building near the Community Centre and have committed themselves to a a programme of work during the Summer Months. Also during the weekends the Village will be kept clean ex Sunday mornings.
The new cleaning machine which cleans an additional two days of the week is making a good impact on the appearance of Douglas Village.
The tidy towns committee have undertaken with Cork County Council to develop a Cottage Garden at the enterance to Douglas East.
It is to be noted that Dailys Shop on Church Road have put in an automatic watering system for their many flower boxes which look fantastic
Sean O Riordan, Chairman Douglas Tidy Towns