2nd August, 2001


My name is Patti, I recently in March moved from Boise, Idaho here to Cavan, Ireland. Needless to say, the LDS church is about an hour and 1/2 drive for us, but is more then worth it. I married an Irish man, who is not LDS, but he goes with me and the kids every Sunday, and is taking a great interest in the church.
The papers all wrote about this Mr. Green from America, and so in turn, everyone who knows us, has harassed us about this, due to the fact that we are LDS.
Even though my husband isn't LDS, he has went to great lengths to defend the church, as he believes in the church, our morals, and all that goes with the wonderful title of being an LDS member.
Our son is getting baptised in the coming month, so we are fortunate enough to have gotten 2 missionaries from America, one from my home State, Idaho. The Missionaries have brought great joy into our household, plus made me feel closer to home. But they have also taught my husband along with the rest of the family. Like my husband says, the only real difference between his church and ours, we believe in Joseph Smith, which my husband has taken great joy in reading and learning about, and the fact that we have morals that our Heavenly Father wants us to stick by, he is greatly impressed by all of this.
Our Missionaries are leaving us soon, to go back "home". They will be GREATLY missed!
I am proud to see that even though we only have a handful of members here and the fact that we don't yet have our own building, we meet in a Motel conference room, that our religion is strong here in Ireland. I send out appreciation to all of the members at Dundalk and most of all, the Missionaries. I thank my Heavenly Father for giving us the strength to hold our heads up high and say " I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints---I am a Mormon".
Patti Smith
Co. Cavan
Rep. of Ireland

"Life is what we make of it, only YOU can make it better or worse".


I live in Bracken Court in Donnybrook and everyday I come home from work I have to drive on a road outside the Park that looks like it has been bombed.
Last Christmas we had a flood which knocked the wall by the road which nobody seems to want to take responsibility for, the road is in bits and there are weeds growing along by the pathway. Now when the wall came down we had a couple of local politicians showing their faces but no more has been seen of them. Well until the elections anyway!
I pay a lot of tax on my wages. I pay road tax! Where the hell is all the money going?
I am sick to death of the sight I have to face everyday when I come home from a hard day's work like all the other mortgage paying people in Bracken Court
I wish I had long holidays like the politicians so I could go away for a month or two and not have to look at the sorry condition this country is falling into. Is the Celtic Tiger dead or is he on holiday? Could somebody please do something about this local representative maybe!
Tax Payer
(Name and Address with Editor)


Dear Editor,

I read with interest the article by Deirdre Forde on 'pooper scoopers' for the Douglas area. While the idea of supplying these is good I feel that unless dog owners become responsible for their dogs then these 'pooper scoopers' will a waste of money. I am a regular walker in Douglas, my usual route being - Douglas Shopping Centre to X Douglas Road and round the South Douglas road and back to the Shopping Centre. Like so many other walkers on this route, dodging the doggy landmines is a must. I'm always amazed by the dog owners who gaze at the scenery pretending not to notice that their dog is doing the business on the footpath or in someone's driveway. To put this problem, into context on my walk on Tuesday night last, I counted no less than 62 dog turds on this route and that was only one side of the road! That makes for a lot of germs (not to mention smells) being carried into you home on shoes, buggy wheels and bicycles. The footpaths are so disgusting and it makes one wonder where are the litter wardens. The Cork Corporation would make a fortune on fines. If you multiply the amount of dog turds by the 50 litter fine the money from fines would go along way towards cleaning up the footpaths. On behalf of the walkers in Douglas, we ask dog owners to please bring your dog litter home, don't leave it outside someone else's door and help make Douglas a cleaner place.
(Name and address with Editor)

Still more on “The Yellow Jacket Brigade”

Dear Michael,

First of all let me say what a pleasure it is to read the Douglas Weekly. We all know how much work you put into the magazine and really appreciate the Douglas Weekly for a little taste of "Douglas Life".
I am writing to you in response to the charming Blackrock reader who appears to have a problem with the Douglas Tidy Town volunteers. This Blackrock reader is a prime example of begrudgery that Ireland is known for. Is he jealous that Blackrock does not have such a good committee and volunteers'? Let the Blackrock reader take up stamp collecting or train - spotting as a hobby and it might occupy his mind rather than getting riled up by the Douglas Tidy Towns Committee.
Also I sincerely hope that since the Blackrock reader (who of course did not want to be named) who is so concerned with the old folks has made up a committee himself to help
the old folks. Obviously he hasn't or he wouldn't have time to write in complaining about trivial matters such as yellow vests.
Thanking you
Dawn Rowley, Douglas West.