16th August, 2001


Readers may be interested to note that road widening is taking place at the end of Maryborough Hill at the Fingerpost Roundabout to facilitate traffic turning right on Roundabout/Carr's Hill junction and I also raised the matter of moving the bollards outside the Cinema entrance to facilitate two lanes of traffic coming on the "Tesco Roundabout" It is a tight squeeze at present and there is plenty of room on the opposite site for one lane. It's only common-sense and should have been done a long time ago.
Council is also going to install a more aesthetically pleasing gate adjacent to the East Village Shopping area on Tramway Terrace. This is council property and doesn't add to the good work being done by the Tidy Town Committee. In addition the green area leading into East Village shopping area at rear of Gartan Park is to be landscaped. I also asked that the Horticulturist adds more variety and colour at the Fingerpost Roundabout. Area Office Engineers are also to get a pat on the back for finally (after numerous representations) improving the Roundabout on the Rochestown Road. I, and many residents here, always felt it an eyesore as one exits the South Link. John O'Connor Mason who is from Carrigaline and has done a superb job is carrying out the stonework. I'm looking forward to the finished product.
The Engineer is currently looking at different options for paving outside the Launderette and the Bohemian Bar right around to Church Road, and is considering raising a 'lip' outside Joe O'Donovans Off Licence. Readers will be aware that extensive flooding has caused problems here for businesses. However, with remedial action being taken further up on Donnybrook Hill; cleaning of stream and an audit of storm drains in Douglas over the past number of months the situation should have improved dramatically.
The Council has also cut trees and will install a footpath on same side at the exit from Mount Oval on to the Roundabout on Rochestown Road. Finally, residents of the area will be glad to note that the Monastery Road resurfacing and road re-widening should begin at end of August. There is also a need for improved lighting in the area.

Cheerio and more next week.
Cllr. Deirdre Forde.


Dear Editor,

As a concerned resident of Avenue De Rennes, Mahon, I am writing to you in the hope I can prevent a killing.
On a daily basis our street, probably the busiest in Mahon, is being used like a race track with cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks being driven at ridiculous speeds without regard for law or life.
With shops, community offices etc on this street there are a lot of pedestrians mainly young kids who wouldn’t stand a hope should a child wonder into the path of one of these speed freaks.
I have recently noticed speed ramps in the Ballyphehane and Farranlea Road areas and I am asking why, in an area where speed is a problem, can’t these speed ramps be put in place or is it the usual Irish mentality where we have to wait for someone to be killed before action is taken.....I hope not, and that sense will prevail before the inevitable.

Yours sincerely,
(Name & Address with Editor).