20th September, 2001


In the past few weeks Mary Harney has decided to "pull the plug" on the Classroom Assistant scheme. For those who never heard of the 'Classroom Assistants', we are a group of about 40 women who for the past eight years have been employed by schools through FÁS (funded by the Government). Our work in these schools is essential to run schools efficiently. Just some of our daily chores in the schools are;
Ensuring all children who needed help with activities were helped and making the teachers aware of any difficulties the children might have.
Giving time to children who wish to tell their news or stories to a sympathetic adult.
Going on errands between classes while the Teacher remains in class to supervise, preparing materials for Arts & Crafts, assisting the children to paint etc and cleaning-up afterwards.
Assisting and helping children who have difficulty in some areas e.g. reading, listening and playing.
We, as do all of the school principles, strongly object to the way this scheme, ended so abruptly. We also feel denied any chance we had to fight and defend our jobs, as the scheme ended during the summer holidays when the schools were closed. Once again, Mary Harney has put the needs of our school children at the bottom of her list.
We are appealing to SchoolTeachers, School Principles, Parents and Boards of Management, to help us to try to "Save Our Scheme"
(Name and Address with Editor.)


Dear Michael,

Douglas Tidy Towns Committee held a well-attended meeting at the Rochestown Park Hotel last week. Thanks to all those who attended.
A number of presentations were made for best shop front for June, July, August and these were as follows:
June 2001 Barrys of Douglas
July 2001 South County Bar
August 2001 Daily’s

Also presentations to a number of people who made a special effort during our first year, these were Martha Doyle, Jean Kidney, Fr Christy Fitzgerald and Kevin Donovan.
Douglas Village received 170 marks out of a total of 300 to receive the best first time entrant. The task now is to achieve the Supervalue Endeavours award in 2002.This will require more people to help us with our task for next year.
Remember the street sweep continues on Saturday next (10.30 am to 12.30pm)

Is mise le meas
Sean O’Riordan Chairman,
Douglas Tidy Towns Committee


I happened to notice the article, "The History of Douglas: Ronayne's Court" in the 3 May 2001 issue (on the internet). As it happens, I have a great interest in Ronayne's Court -- although my family stems directly from the Youghal area, I am told that we all descend from a John Ronayne of the Great Island, first documented about 1139.
One thing I have never been able to locate is a photograph of Ronayne's Court before it was destroyed -- I have seen the "luxury" apartment building being built on the site, though. I wonder if you might be able to point me in the correct direction to find a photograph (or any additional information) about Ronayne's Court.
Thank you,
Thomas Ronayne (trona@ameritech.net)


Grants Available

Readers, at the recent Carrigaline Area Roads Committee (at which I was elected to the Chair for the coming year, thanks to my fellow Councillors) we had a lengthy discussion on Amenity Grants for 2001. This is where applications from various sporting and voluntary amenity groupings can apply for grant towards the development of the groups.
Unfortunately, the amount allocated to each area at present is very small, a derisory thirteen /fourteen thousand pounds We instructed that a motion would go to Full Council to increase funding for these very worthy community groups right across the County. We also deferred any decision of allocation of the monies in the light of these motions and extra monies, which may be allocated.
There are a number of applications from all over the constituency and if there are any groups/organisations out there that would like to apply they should contact me without delay for an application form. In the past I have facilitated groups in Douglas and Togher with their applications and they did receive funding.
The Government and Society owe a great debt to these voluntary and community groups whom give selfishly of their time and energy and commitment week in and week out.
We all know only too well the great work they do and in my opinion they are the often-unsung heroes and heroines of our country. Grants such as this should be increased substantially to aid these groups and help them get established. l cannot imagine how our society would function without them.

Cllr. Deirdre Forde, ph. 4363318