4th October, 2001


Dear Michael,

I would like to commend you for your article of the 20th. I know a lot of people do not want America to bomb anyone. I think people forget that this is not the first attack, but the worst of many- Pan-Am bombing in Scotland, World Trade Centre bombing 1993, American Embassy bombings in Africa and the bombing of the Military ship the Cole. We cannot turn the other cheek any more or it will get worse. We are glad President Bush is taking his time to respond and hopefully they will get enough co-operation and information so that only military bases will be hit. I work in Manhattan and was one of thousands that walked out on Sept. 11th and to look back and see the devastation was incomprehensible. People are pulling together and doing there best. We now have to show ID to get into work and our bags are often searched, but this is a new way of life now and no one complains. Some people say we have the option to move back to Ireland, but America has been good to us and I don't intend to turn my back on her now. I hope the Irish people will be supportive whatever happens, a lot of people killed that day were Irish American.
Thank you


Hope everyone is okeedokee...it's been a long time since I've written to you so let me start of By apologising. The latest crazy sh….... going on in the States has made me want to write to all of you to make sure everyone is good, - even if you hate me, please write me back just to let me know everything is cool. In case anyone is wondering I'm back at home in Canada and loving it. We are really close to New York and this sh…. is hitting home.


Dear Michael,

In the last few weeks I have been reading several letters from people in the Douglas area wanting traffic calming measures put in place, but the one place that on one has mentioned is Donnybrook Hill and it is well inside the 30 mile zone but as any one who lives there knows the cars go down that hill a lot faster then 30 mph.
I live half way up Donnybrook Hill and I know that a lot of people both young and old walk that hill every day and there has been some serious accidents it's a Miracle that we have not had a fatality with the increase in the volume and speed of the traffic on the hill, so I would like to ask Cllr Deirdre Forde who has a column in your paper most weeks on community issues if she could get the powers that be County Councill garda to do a survey of the traffic on the hill and maybe something could be done about it,
Sean Rochford,