25th October, 2001


Dear Michael,

Just a short note on changing times. I know they are changing, on a mini break in Killarney two weeks ago I saw a “Jarvey” driving around a jaunting car full of people and as he went along he kept on talking on his mobile phone, and he was not talking to his horse.
By the way do you know of any ideas the ‘powers that be’ have to cope with the traffic from around 400 houses being built in Cooneys lane or is it just join the queue? Another sign of the times?
Also good luck to Gerry McLoughlin, ex Cork Local radio, now on Radio Kerry, Sunday mornings.
Yours Sincerely
Noreen Draper


Dear Editor,,

While our politicians gently sleep, local and Irish musicians crawl on their knees to Irish Radio Stations, like 96lFM or is it UTV now (the big sell-out). They just give us the two fingers up most of the time instead of Airplay. It is unbelievable that awards are now being given out to Irish Radio Stations if they would by any chance be able to fit an Irish show into their Irish Radio Station. The "Independent Radio And Television Commission" IRTC is the body that gave the licenses to these stations and is responsible for assessing the Radio License Submissions.
We are coming to the conclusion that these Radio License Submissions must look like this: (Sample) Radio License Submissions Line 47... as follows: When we receive our license we will play 0.0000000001 of Local and Irish Music. IRTC Reply: "That is quite acceptable and what's more you will receive an award as well'. Oh! And before we forget to mention BBC2 being broadcast by "Chorus" (What’s the story here? we ask.) Is this still Irish Multi-Channel with a different name or is ft BBC2 Multi Channel. Maybe an Irish Broadcast Award would be appropriate here too.
And what about RTE, well now, pay your license but no Radio Station for Cork City (isn't that a good one) The closure was actually a Godsend for musicians. At least there is only one station insulting us now. One musician spent 2000 recording and was told; they couldn’t play his record because his cover wasn't good enough. Ha Ha Ha, Big joke. But wait, don’t panic, a new station is on the horizon for Cork. But only God knows what that has in store, 15 to 35 age groups only! Oh well that rules out about half of the musicians playing in Cork And I thought there was hope. Probably more of the same. I am sure this age group will welcome a station here but what of its content that remains to be seen. Has anyone seen this submission? Are they in for this coveted award as well?
Practically no local Irish Radio for Irish Musicians. Our Irish language years ago, taken, now our Radio Stations. The people that run these stations are allowed to Insult our People our Music, Culture and our Heritage and close our recording studios. Who gave these people the right to say our local and Irish music is not commercial. Our local and Irish music is renowned world-wide. However, Cork and Irish Advertising from Irish and local Businesses is acceptable.
We will be lobbying politicians and advertisers to support our own local artist /musicians. And to investigate how this situation has been allowed to develop here in Cork and in other parts of Ireland. We estimate 3000 musicians playing in Cork City and County every week and no Airplay only Hits and Memories in Cork City. We will be asking for a middle of the road radio station to serve the people of Cork. Our local councillors are being made aware of the situation by material we have submitted for their meeting in City Hall on the 22nd October 2001. And every politician in the country is going to be contacted, as is our President.
Thank to the Douglas Weekly, to whom we must say has been exceptional with its local exposure for local events and local Bands.
Chairman, Radioforcork. E-mail: radioforcork@iol.ie
Post Dept 214, 2 Crawford Hall, Wandesford Quay, Western Road Cork Ireland


Dear Michael,
Hope you and the team are keeping well. Congrats on your new premises etc. Great to see someone moving ahead despite the times in which we live.
Well Michael here we are clock going back again and no easier way to be found for us in Donnybrook to access our beautiful but choked, full of traffic village. As I am now here 24 years and things have only gotten worse I suppose I’ll be growing daisies before anything changes.
My constant headache is the “back road” to Carrigaline which is deteriorating rapidly and of course no laws observed as regards speed. When I go back to Carrigaline and meet a few cars coming bouncing towards me down the hill at 50 or 60 m.p.h. it isn’t one bit funny. I never see a speed check at the Donnybrook end.
The “Board of Works” Road is in a dreadful state. I wonder if the County Couincil have a hidden agenda in leaving it in this state….maybe you can find out? It’s the only way to the village for a large number of motorists at peak hours. Cork County Council need to wake up and take a look at the way they are treating the people in this area. Maybe the local Gardai can also have an input. As I see it, with the condition of the roads and speed there is a major accident waiting to happen. Why do the local authority and the Gardai still keep to the same recipe when it is not working? It will be too late when someone is killed or seriously injured.
Keep up the good work at the Weekly, you and the crew are doing an excellent job.
Name & Address with Editor.


I want to draw attention of the readers to the horrific traffic going on every weekday in the Douglas area. If the schools provided good transportation or bus facility to collect the students and drop them back home, it would help a lot to solve the problem of traffic. And definitely might have relieve parents, it is a big job to take children to school early in the morning and then collect them .It would reduce crowds as well, in the school. I think school administration should give a little attention on this issue.


Hi Michael,

I would appreciate if you could do an article on the importance of drivers obeying the rules of the road. I know most people are very considerate when it comes to pedestrian crossings put recently I have seen an increase in the amount of drivers going through the pedestrian lights in the mornings especially at the top of Donnybrook hill. Let’s face it we're all in a hurry put no one wants a tragedy.
Also, the amount of people parking in a disabled space without a valid sticker is disgraceful, as I read in a magazine "You can have this space if you take my disability"
Next time you go to the shopping centre, just for curiosity you might observe these spaces esp. the ones in Douglas Court and make your own observations.
Thanks a million Michael
Keep up the good work and best of luck in your new premises.
(Name and Address with Editor)