8th November, 2001


Dear Michael,

I feel compelled to write to you to say what a joy it was to come for Donnybrook to the lovely village of Douglas all last week while school was out. There were still a few builds-ups at Daily's corner but nothing major. When are Cork county council going to take the problem of the afore mentioned corner in hand? It really is a major factor in problems that we are experiencing. It is not that we are in a hurry but there is so much traffic, which can not get through because of the hold-ups due to motorists who have to make a right turn at Daily's.

Well I suppose its back to the Board of Works for us now till the next school holidays. Have you seen the condition of the condition of the Board of works road? Its not fit for a “horse and cart” not to mind a motor car but we don't have a choice because we choose to live here. By the way Fianna Fail were outside St. Columbia's on Sunday. I didn't take their literature, as I couldn't interest myself in a Political Party that's doing nothing about the condition of the roads we have to travel around this area.

Keep up the excellent work at the “Weekly”

Name and address with editor.


To the Douglas Weekly,

I wish to express my thanks to the Douglas Weekly for their photographs, coverage, and running a competition for the launch of my New Single “Crosshaven “. I hope the winners of the competition; Eibhlin Riordan, Michael McGloin, Shiela Moloney, and Catherine Mulcain enjoy the song. May it bring back some fond memories of the Crosshaven.

Best of Luck, to the paper at the heart of Douglas.
Sean Treacy


Hi Michael,
I had to have a go at adding names to those faces.
Front Row L/R
Mick Barrett, Paddy Costigan, Paul O'Sullivan, Sean Kavanagh, Terence Nolan, Joe Harris, Willie Lynch, Tim Kearney, Gerard Connelly, Unknown, Eddie Murphy Bernard Bray.
2nd Row
Declan Martin, Ger Falvey, Unknown, Ger Mills, DonieO' Regan, Colm Nolan. Greg Morris, Declan Morris, Dan Sheean, Clem Collins, Unknown, Pat Condon.
3rd Row
Finbarr O' Sullivan, Michael Lynch, Finian Minihane, Conor Clune, Willie Higgins,Tony Lynch, Peter Mc Auliffe, Hugh Conlon, Benny Barry, Soarise Hayde,
4th Row
John Lynch, Pat Murphy, Ray Carroll, Donal Kidney, Liam O'Shea ( R.I.P )Unknown, Danny Horgan, John Collins, Pat Spillane, Andrew Twomey, Liam Brady.
Somebody might put names to the other faces.
Tim Kearney

Dear Douglas Weekly,
I was surprised to see the photograph of St Columba's Communion Class 1964 on page 18 ( Issue 43 Vol 4). The small boy on the front row, fourth from the left is my father Sean Kavanagh, better known to his friends as the 'Small man'. In 1980 he won the Rochestown Championship Double and has gone on to become a builder and a golfer.
Yours sincerely, Tara Kavanagh
Plu Mary Healy

Dear Michael
With reference to your photograph on the 'Douglas Weekly' on the 25th Oct issue. I would like to point out that it wasn't 'Communion 1964' but 'Confirmation 1969'. Nobody at that time wore long trousers for the First Communion. Anyway the names are as follows:
Back Row From the Left:
Seán Lynch, Paddy Murphy, Ray Carroll, Donal Kidney, Liam O'Shea (R.I.P.), Pat Cronin, dan horgan, John Collins, Pat Spillane, Andrew Twomey, Liam Brady
Second Row From the Left
Finbarr O'Sullivan, Michael Lynch,Finian minihane, Conor Clune, Willie Higgins, Tony Lynch, Peter McAuliffe, Hugh Conlon, Benny Barry, Soarise Hayde.
Third Row Left to Right
Declan martin, Gerard Falvey, Michael Barry, Gerard Mills, Donal O'Regan, Colm Nolan, Greg Morris, Declan Morris, Dan Sheehan, Clem Collins, Ted O'Shea, Pat Condon.
Fourth Row left to Right
Michael Barrett, Paddy Costigan, Paul O'Sullivan, Sean Kavanagh, Terry Nolan, Joe Harris, Willie Lynch, Tim Kearney, Gerard Connolly, Tim McCaffrey, Eddie Murphy and Bernie Bray
Tony Lynch.