6th December, 2001


Dear Douglas Weekly,
My Mum collects me from School at the Community Park. Last week as a treat I got money to go to Daily’s Shop. I stood at the Zebra Crossing by the Community Park; six cars went through without stopping. The 7th car stopped, as I went to cross a lady in another car drove on. The man who stopped just put his hands up to his face he got such a fright. Car drivers know children come out of school at 2.30.I was always taught to cross at a zebra crossing but what hope have I got when drivers won’t stop.
Best Wishes
Lauren Walsh (aged 11)


Dear Editor,
I have met with Cllr. Deirdre Forde and have discussed getting speed ramps installed in Shamrock Road. I gave her a petition to show that the people are concerned about the speed that cars travel on the road with young children around.
That people use our Estate as a short- cut a “Rat-Run” as it’s now called. Blocking people trying to get to work and parking on the footpaths and soon. The list and the stories are endless and the people of Shamrock Road and Shamrock lawn are tired and this is why we need and want “Speed Ramps”.
Hopefully Deidre Forde can put pressure to bear and make our dreams come true, also thank you for all the support.
Yours Sincerely
Lisa O’Keeffe


Dear Michael,
May I voice my opinion and concur with the author of the letter published in last week’s issue. When asked the above question; it is our duty as parents to supervise and regulate our kid’s activities, and to know where they are, and who they are hanging around with. We can’t wrap them up in cotton wool, but we do have to be seen to be in control.
Few parents leave teenagers a free hand, but those who do go out pubing and socialising and leave their “angels” loose are asking for trouble. They in turn get up to all types of anti social behaviour. Delinquent parents are so hungover the following morning they don’t realise their darling kid are nursing a bigger hangover, be it from drink or worse still drugs. Bush parties are getting very popular here in Douglas. Where is it all going to end? The Gardai can only do so much. Gardai must report these kids to their parents if they come to the attention of the Gardai.
We here in Donnybrook welcome the presence of the Gardai. It, hopefully, will stop all kinds of behaviour unacceptable to law-abiding citizens, be it drink driving, speeding, bush parties, loud unruly youths, house breaking, etc. My hope is if we as parents take responsibility for our kids, our own lives will be enriched and that of our neighbours. Douglas will be better and a safer place to live.
Celtic Follower
(Name and Address with Editor)


A Chairde Dhil,
We are about to celebrate the second Christmas of the new Millennium. The ongoing demand for the various services of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society reminds our volunteers that poverty is not a thing of the past. Though grinding poverty is no longer widespread there are still many people who are barely surviving on social welfare They do not have sufficient income to buy enough food to feed their families not to mind money for winter coats or a second pair of shoes.
It is our experience as volunteers that there are two classes of society in Ireland. The Celtic Tiger has been of little benefit to those existing on low income. Our constitution promises to cherish all the children of this nation equally. If we lived up to this commitment there should have been a huge drop in the need for the services of the Saint Vincent de Paul. Unfortunately this is not the case.
Please answer our appeal on the 8th and 9th of December and remember those who have to go without this Christmas. Finally a special thanks to all those who again are doing Trojan work to raise funds for our Christmas appeal.
Nollaig Shona do Chach,
Frank Darcy, President St Columbas Conference
Saint Vincent de Paul Society, Douglas.