13th December, 2001


A big thank you to Douglas Village Shopping Centre for a wonderful days outing in Killarney recently when we were pampered by Bronwyn Cross and Aidan Crown (Centre Management) on the journey. Thanks to all.
Eamonn Morrison., South Douglas Road.

Dear Aidan & Bronwyn,
Thank you most sincerely for making my day in Killarney so special. My friend and I really enjoyed the day. I would also like to thank Denis our Coach Driver for the beautiful music he played. Thank you also to the Douglas Village Shopping Centre for our lovely gifts. I would like to wish you all at the Douglas Shopping Centre a very Happy Christmas.
Kindest Regards, Minnie McCarthy

Dear Aidan
On behalf of Rita and myself, I would like to say a very big “Thank You” for the wonderful trip to Killarney on Tuesday 4th December. The organisation was first class and the lunch at The International Hotel was excellent. It was a great day out and you and Bronwyn are to be congratulated in all respects
Yours Sincerely, Agnes Cox

Dear Aidan
My sister. Margaret and I would like to convey our gratitude to Bronwyn and yourself for the lovely day out ye gave us in Killarney, not forgetting all the “Goodies”. May your business prosper. We wish you both a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
With Renewed Thanks, Sheila Moloney

Warmest appreciation for being so kind. Thank you for the lovely day out in Killarney it was very enjoyable. Phyllis Rech

Bronwyn and Aidan
You brightened our day in a special way. Thanks to both of you for a wonderful day
Phylis and Rose

Traffic Problems ...

Dear Sir,
With reference to last weeks letter on traffic problems in Shamrock Lawn, I want to voice my annoyance on same. Lower Shamrock Lawn has an entrance to three schools so you can imagine the chaos twice a day and that’s a fact. We need a pedestrian crossing here for the safety of women and children alike. Also can I stress how vital it is that we have ramps all along the bottom road as well as upper Shamrock Lawn. Cars sometimes speed along these roads without thought of children and older people. So, I’m pleading with the powers that be to urgently do something for us here………Ramps and Crossings sooner rather than later.

Name and address with Editor.

Thank you, from St. Vincent de Paul

On behalf of the members of Saint Columba’s Conference of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, I wish to thank those who responded so generously to our Christmas appeal Thank you to all those who volunteered to collect at our Church Door Collection. By giving your time and money to our collections you have helped to ensure that the disadvantaged people of Douglas enjoy a happy and comfortable Christmas. Please continue to support us the coming year. It's through your generosity that the Saint Vincent de Paul Society can help that in need not just once a year but every day of the year.
Frank Darcy
President St Columbas Conference
Saint Vincent de Paul Society, Douglas.

Reply to Seen Read and Heard

Dear friend,
On reading your article dated 13th of this festive month, I was dis-heartened to read your views of restaurants. Obviously I am of the catering trade and just thought it only fair that the silent majority of this trade should return a response to your views!
I completely understand and sympathise with your reader that had this bad experience in the unknown restaurant. I do agree that there are a lot of restaurants out there that take a lot to be desired but you have to understand the waiters/waitresses are just trying to do their job and are following the rules and instructions of their superiors.
Being in this trade I have served a lot of customers over the years and find it extremely difficult to believe that a table of eighteen, that were booked in for 8:30, actually arrived on time and organised themselves to seat at the table exactly five minutes before due! Miracles can happen? Going by the calculation, if they spent 400, eight bottles of wine, approx. 10 each, leaving you with 320. 16 a head for a meal isn’t very expensive, so I suppose it comes down to the old saying, you get what you pay for!
On the issue of corkage, I'm assuming you being a man of knowledge, you will know that if there was no corkage charge on bottles of alcohol, be it wine or bubbly, everybody would be bringing in their own bottles, therefore dropping the standard of restaurants to more of a low. This being the reason behind corkage! (Amongst others).
As you said in your, 'Seen, Read and Heard'1 column, Michael, I could go on! I will leave you with one final thought, on opening a bottle of bubbly; you don't need to ask the waiter/ess for a corkscrew, because one is not required. A small tip for anyone trying to pop the bubbly on the sly, the restaurant doesn't need to know! Just be discreet!
I wonder if any of my co-workers out there share any view on the subject or even you Michael.
By the way, love the column.
Happy Christmas, to all the staff,
Yours faithfully,
Peter Pan!