14th February, 2002

Question for T.D.’s

With the impending elections I have compiled a few questions for our local representatives. Please feel free to use these when they call.
Why are the roads and footpaths around the Douglas /Cork area is such a bad condition when there has never been more money available due to Road Tax.
Why is nothing been done about the gridlock people experience every day in Douglas /Cork.
Why is there no amenities for kids / teenagers in Douglas. Club / Hall
Why are elderly people afraid to venture out in the evenings in Douglas / Cork.
I’M quite sure your readers can add a few more to these and should demand answers.
Tony O’Sullivan

Re: Seen Read and Heard

Dear Michael,
On reading your ‘Seen Read and Heard’ page subject ‘Violence on our streets. The retired judge has the answer. Shut down all Pubs and Night Clubs at 12 o’clock.
The government don’t want to hear this, because they are making too much money out of the tax on drink. They ”The Government” extended the drinking hours to claw in more money. Michael I invite you to visit the City Centre any Saturday night between 2AM and 5AM. Take your camera with you. I have been there. The hair will stand on your head.
When I was going dancing in the 60’s we went from 8 – 11 and everybody was home by 12 o’clock. If places of entertainment closed at 12 I am sure you people would drift home. I know teenagers are going to town at 12 o’clock. How these people can do a day’s work after being out all night just beats me. An election is on the way. People of Cork lobby your T.D.’s now.
P.S. I was in Liverpool last year . On Sunday Nights the Pubs closed at 10 o’clock. I walked down the streets after 10 – they were deserted.
Keep up the good work Michael!
(Name and address with editor)

Tramore Athletic
Dear Michael,
Further to your article on last weeks Douglas Weekly re; Tramore Athletic I would like to make a few comments, Tramore athletic have to pay the Cork Corporation € 7600 per year for ten years. The club will never own the ground. Sop in the ten years we will have to pay out € 76,000. A Northside club has a similar agreement with the corporation, only they don’t pay anything. Would some local politician or Councillor explain to me why this discrimination.
Last year our Under 16’s won the cup, so we were expected to be very strong in the Under 17 League this year. “ Wrong” a certain club stepped in and signed 8 of our players. Now we have no Under 17 team or Youth Side this year. This is the 1st time in the Club’s long history that we have not had a youth Team. This naturally effects our senior team as well. Now we’re not the only club in Cork that has suffered like this. It has been happening to a lot of other clubs as well.
At least 3 other clubs have no Under 16 teams this year because of the action of the League of Ireland Clubs. This practice has to stop or else Schoolboys Soccer will suffer.
Some of the players we have lost to other clubs include Noel O’Mahony, Pat O’Mahony, “Fochie” Mac Fergus O’Donoughue, Denis Galvin, Noel Hartigan, Declan O’Mahony, Brian McSweeny, Jim Leahy and many more.
We would like to see successful League of Ireland Clubs in Cork but not on the hard work of other Schoolboy Clubs.
Yours in Sport, Michael Sheehan, Tramore Athletic

Get Out and Vote for a few parties in the next election.
“Douglas Weekly” has generously provided space for politicians to regularly give their appreciative readers news of proposals to improve parks and roads.
Consider voting “ Cross-Party” to those who contribute every week throughout the year. You have a duty to vote. Your 3rd and 4th preference vote may be very effective.
(Name and address with Editor)

Thank You from Douglas GAA
The Douglas GAA Underage Committee wish to thank the Douglas Village Shopping centre for the € 1000 and also to thank Noreen Quinlan of Douglas who nominated our Club for this weeks Douglas Shopping Centres Community Cash Give-away. The € 1000 Euro cheque will be put to good use and the proceeds of the cheque will go towards the purchase of Hurleys and Sliothars for indoor and outdoor hurling for the year 2002.
An Runaí, Sean O’Foghlú

Thank You Douglas Village Shopping Centre
Dear Mr. Crowne,
Douglas Gymnastics Club would like to thank you most sincerely for the very generous cheque of €1,O0O which we received through your "Cash for Community" promotion in Douglas Village Shopping Centre. It will indeed be put to very good use.
We congratulate you on the continued support you give to the local Community and wish your centre every success in the future.
Yours in sport,
Marie Duggan Sec.
Douglas Gymnastics Club Committee Marie Duggan, Sec.

Thank You from St. Luke’s
Dear Editor,
I am writing on behalf of St Luke's School Douglas PTA, to thank the Douglas Village Shopping Centre for the € 1000, which we won in the Cash for Community Scheme. We would also like to thank Mrs. Burke (parent of Natasha Burke, 6th Class) who nominated us.
The PTA really appreciates this contribution to the school funds and would like to assure the competition organisers that the money will be spent very wisely.
Again, many thanks and Best wishes,
Yours sincerely, Ian Hayes Chairman St Luke’s School

Terms and Conditions Apply

Dear Editor
It never ceases to amaze me; the advertisements I see on TV these days , or read in the media. Advertisements pertaining to loans and investments annoy me considerably. The bottom line is they want our business, yet they are the ones who inform us, [their customers], that "terms and conditions will apply". We are not the ones who make the rules but unless you play by their rules, you don’t get your loan or you cannot invest in, whatever! Does anyone else feel the same way or is it just me.
(Name and Address with Editor)