14th March, 2002

Plastic Bags

Hi Michael,
I am writing in response to some of your comments in 'Seen, read and heard'. In particular I am surprised with your comments of the recently introduced levy on plastic bags. We may not wish to hear it but Ireland has the worst track record in the E.U. on recycling. One of the biggest culprits is the plastic bag, we use it
for less than 15 minutes, yet our planet is stuck with it for several hundred years. This is not to mention the pollution caused during its creation. The only way to deter people (myself included) from needlessly using them is to hit people where it hurts, in the pocket. Then at least if we must use them then their exorbitant price pays for their damaging consequences on our environment.
One of the problems is that we are lazy, if plastic bags are at the end of the checkout then we will uses them. I myself am one hundred percent guilty of this. Travellers to France will know how hard it is to get plastic bags in supermarkets there. In fact the E LeClerc chain don't have any, instead they freely provide large, reusable heavy duty cardboard boxes, which fit in the trolley. Not only is this approach not damaging it's also very handy as on reaching your car you only have one box to manage not several dozen plastic bags. At the start of this letter I said I was surprised with the tone of your article which effectively told people of a method which would allow them a means by which to circumvent the levy. I am surprised because your article (and previous articles) have complained about the conditions of our streets, green areas and hedgerows, yet the biggest culprit is ... the plastic bag.
Now that that's out of my system, keep up the good work.

Phil Watson, Carrigaline.

Complaint about Noise

Dear Michael
Please allow me space in your widely read paper.
I am living in Alden next to Vernon Mount. The motor bikes have recently returned to Vernon Mount. The noise is awful. I want this to stop.
When the place was sold we were told that was the end of the racing. I have four small kids and they can’t sleep with the noise right next to my house. The residents would like that this famous house be retained and the ground landscaped.
Yours Sincerely
Mary Daly


Dear Michael,
I have the privilege of reading your publication every week and thoroughly enjoy everything about it, its bright and contrasty layout and content. I particularly enjoy Ronnie McGinn's poetry and the recent article on censorship plus the now not so frequent motoring column. Local issues are very important and well catered for and though politically oriented come across more in a 'community' sense. Well Done To All The Team at Douglas Weekly. Keep it up.
Christian Beck.

A Million Thanks

Dear Michael
I write to thank you, after many years I found the man through your column that could, with great care and feelings, repair and French Polish my furniture antiques.
A Million Thanks
( Name and address with editor)