21st March, 2002

Dear Sir,
Are you aware that an application for an incinerator has been sought by Indaver, a Belgian company? This incinerator is to be situated in Ringaskiddy. Do you know the implications of this for the people in the surrounding 40 kms? Do you also know that when the life span of incinerators come to an end in USA no new ones have come on stream to replace them. Why?
If you want to find out more please come to the Public Meeting in the Imperial Hotel, Cork on Saturday, 23 March 2002 at 8 o'clock. Speaking on this subject will be Dr. Vyvyan Howard, MB,ChB, PhD, FRCPath, a toxio-pathologist from Liverpool and Dr. Sandra Steingraber Ph.D., an internationally recognised expert on the environmental links to cancer and reproductive health. She has also served on President Clinton's National Action Plan on Breast Cancer.
It is our future and our children's. It's in OUR hands. All are welcome.
Cork Harbour for a Safe Environment


Dear Editor
As regular reader and first time writer, I sincerely congratulate you on your response to the uttering's of Noel O’Flynn. However, judging from Australian experience he is most definitely on a Vote winner. Over the previous twelve months our P.M. had been floundering at the Polls, until the rhetoric emerged "we'll defend our borders", and as chance would have it, a week prior to our Federal Election last November, a media release alleging that Boat People threatening to throw their children overboard, when being intercepted by the Navy. This was the opportunity for John Howard with all the moral indignation he could muster to exclaim; "Do we want that sort of person here"? The answer was a deafening No and an emphatic Yes to re-election to Mr Howard. It is of little consequence that a subsequent official Enquiry, Navy personnel confirmed there was no truth to the media release -it never happened!!
Yes I urge politicians to make the Cause of refugees an issue, but lets focus on the underlying causes. The idea of "closing up Shop" is certainly not a Solution. The words of Daniel O’Connell come to mind " What is morally wrong, can never be politically correct". I further concur with you Editor when you mention, how ironic it is that we have knocked on the doors of many nations, and now we are reluctant to open our own door.
Is mise agus Beannachtai na Feile Padraig diobh go leir, Peter L

Question for Noel O’Flynn

I wonder if you would print another letter of mine as a sequence of my recent letter in the Douglas Weekly ?-Yet again my suffering goes on in the Filling-Station, as last Saturday night I was attacked by (I am sorry to say that)yet again an Irish individual ! I sold an 087 - 10 Euro Top- Up to him, but he came back and said it did not work, so I gave him a new one but again he said it wouldn't work and demanded his tenner back ! By this I became suspicious that he is about to con me by telling me they do not work but in reality he has 20 Euro Credit on his Mobile, and wanting his money back would mean I would be betrayed of 30 Euro ! I refused to give him the 10 Euro back and told him to ring the 087 -Helpline, but he got very shirty and abusive and all of a sudden he came in behind the counter and grabbed my Mobile as I was about to call the Garda ! I shouted at him to give me back my phone and he did so but he turned and pinched a 10 Euro-Note from the float of the second till ! By that time my colleague came to my assistance and when the attacker saw him he dropped the Note and made his way out ,where his friend waited in a car courtesy parked right in front of the hatch so I could write down the Reg.-Number and could give it to the Garda who arrived shortly afterwards !-So my question goes out again to Noel O'Flynn, what steps is he going to do against such anti-social and criminal behaviour and on the other hand protecting those who just simply try to do their Job !
Stefan Schorr

In from the Windswept Seashore

Lashing waves are sweeping rocks, sand and cliff-sides and white foam is everywhere in our home place ‘Baile an Cúainín’ – The Town of the Little Harbour - Myrtleville ! You are at one with nature here, especially if your mood is turbulent. Later will come the peace and calm and the smooth sea welcoming in the warmer days.
We went to Douglas Court last Thursday “Himself” not looking his best with a pixie-like woolly cap, never one to care about peoples opinion! Indeed, I often looked better myself and who was to greet us but Michael O’Hanlon with his candid camera! Michael you are awful! Why don’t we meet you when we look well ? You certainly caught us unawares We know you a long time, just how long - remember those far off summer holidays when , as a teenager you were in Regan’s Field ? Seán and I are married almost 45 years. Beat that you youngsters, over two life sentences ! Only joking! How did that snapshot turn out ?
Joanna O’Shea

Drunken Teenagers

I live in the Donnybrook area and the sight I see every weekend has prompted me to write to you. It’s Underage Drinkers; we see them every weekend. There must have been 20 teenagers in our Park last Saturday night drinking out of cans and bottles, in fact two boys were arrested. I witnessed the event and the boys were lucky because a few residents were getting fairly annoyed with the noise and general loitering that was going on. The guards arrived just in time as a few fathers of young kids were having words with the yobbos. This was at midnight, a lot of young kids were asleep and you have these yobbos and yobettes outside your door under the influence of drink. We see the cans and bottles the next day on the road and the green. It’s only a matter of time before somebody takes the law into their own hands. How do these teenagers avoid being noticed coming in blind drunk by their parents or do the parents even care. I think the Guards have enough to be doing then to be called out every 5 minutes to move on a crowd of rowdy drunken teenagers. Be warned it’s going to get worse. We need amenities to keep these kids off the streets!