2nd May, 2002

Thank You from Brothers of Charity

Dear Mr O’Hanlon
On behalf of all the girls here in Bungalow 8 Lota, I wish to thank you and your staff most sincerely for your generous contribution to our fundraising Coffee morning last week, organised by Phil and Stephen Goodman. Your help was much appreciated.
Many thanks once again
Your Sincerely, Monika O’Higgins, Unit Leader

From California
Hello Michael!
I hope this e mail from the US finds you well. My name is Ken Hirsch. I live in California, precisely the purgatory known as Los Angeles. I found your address, when I did a search on Grey Friars Bobby. You mentioned that there was a movie on the dog and his master. Could you enlighten me on the film, and how I could find out more about it. I am a writer, and an avid pet lover, and have been always found of the story. The Internet is a great thing, conversing with people from all over the world....
Stay Well!
Ken Hirsch - malibu.ken@verizon.net

Where have all the flowers gone ?

Dear Michael,
A nice lady who lives in a housing estate in Rochestown decided to add a bit of colour to her estate. There is a tiny green outside her house. She paid a professional gardener to put in a few plants in the green plus a few rocks, which she painted white. The job cost her about € 180. I saw the job myself and it looked quite tastefully done. Because of children in the estate she made sure no thorns or berries were on the shrubs.
A week later her little enterprise was gone. She was asked by her neighbours to remove it, as it didn’t blend in with the estate. One neighbour told the ‘Nice Lady’ she’d report her to the Garda if it weren’t removed
Michael Sheehan

Maryborough Hill Footpath

Dear Michael
I just had to write to you. I am a resident on Maryborough Hill and I am absolutely horrified at the hold up with the building of a footpath.
I have two teenage sons and as far as I am concerned they should be free to walk to Douglas safely if they wish. Especially now that the traffic is increasing on the hill with the new Mount Oval Development.
I cannot understand why the people in the Golf Club are holding it up. I mean what price do they put on a child’s life. There should be a compulsory purchase order put on it A.S.A.P.
(Name and address with Editor)

Nice One from O’Briens
Irish Sandwich bar
Dear Michael,
Just a note to say "Thank You" for your support over the last year in relation to O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bars, Douglas.
It was indeed our pleasure to advertise in your weekly, and to say we were impressed by the number of people coming into the restaurant and speaking highly of the publication - it is second to none.
There is often a Thursday morning on entering O'Briens we think we are in the library, there are so many Douglas Weekly’s being read at the tables.
It is very much appreciated the number of times you turn up to take some photographs day or night at short notice. It was very appreciated the day you stood in Garryduff for the hockey tournament, running one hour late, in the cold and rain to get our O'Briens sponsored team photograph - that's service.
Yours sincerely
Bill & Leonard Lynch, O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bars, Douglas Village Shopping Centre