25th July, 2002

Support from Maryborough Heights

Dear Sir,
We strongly object to the slip road proposed to run parallel to Alden Grove towards Vernon Mount. We fell this is totally detrimental to the environment of our grandchildren who live in Aldren Grove. The development involves the destruction of a line of trees and laurel that was planted there to break the view of the South Link Road. This in itself is a noise hazard and this new development is going to add greatly to this pollution. Apart from the obvious danger that new traffic in this family area will cause, the effect this will have on all children living in Alden if this development is allowed to continue. Once again we strongly object to every aspect of this new and from what seems to be, an underhand development.
Yours Sincerely
The Mehigan Family
Maryborough Heights

The Planning Goes On
Dear Editor
We are writing in order to express our complete dismay and horror at the destruction of trees and laurels that were planted by the builder bordering our estate in Alden Grove. These trees were our only protection from the noise pollution we experience from South link Road, which is intolerable at times and we believe another lane is to be put in our side.
This morning a bulldozer without any notice ripped out these trees. We already had even more substantial and quite old trees destroyed last year and these laurels (which we believe are property of our estate) were our only protection. This upset all the people involved and especially the children.
We have no idea what is proposed for this land but we strongly object to and we will not allow any access from our estate. We most definitely object to a slip road of any sort to the South link Road.
This land should be used for the people of Douglas and reserved for parkland and walking areas. Surely they should leave some green in an area that is already over saturated and amazingly the planning goes on for even more houses.
Yours Sincerely
Finbarr & Mary Fitzharris
Alden Grove
Shamrock lawn

Batt O'Keeffe T.D. M.C.C. Writes

Dear Editor,
Regarding the submission made in respect of rezoning land adjacent to Inchvale, Shamrock Lawn, Douglas.
This matter will be discussed at a Development plan Meeting.
As it is a proposed change to the present zoning and usage, it will not have my support.
Yours Sincerely Batt O'Keeffe T.D.

Douglas Issues
There have been a number of issues of major concern in Douglas Centre in the last few weeks.
These issues are highlighting the need for developers to liase and consult with residents in advance of any proposals, which would significantly affect the amenity value for such residents. However their are still some who believe such negotiation & consultation or compromise's to be avoided at all costs. Thus positions and views become so entrenched that the prospect of a reasonable outcome for all concerned is difficult to achieve.
Another major issue is traffic lights/pedestrian crossings and I have good news here insofar as quotations have been received & ducting for traffic lights / pedestrian crossings at Parkgate; Coney's Lane; Daily's corner and Maryborough Estate on the Rochestown Road will begin within a month. Residents were particularly anxious that such work would be completed before the school term commences in September.
I have also asked Council area offices to have weeds resprayed on the Rochestown Road. I know the council personnel are extremely busy and some staff on holiday but as they say the show must go on.........
I also understand negotiation for acquisition of land for road widening and the installation of a footpath on Maryborough Hill are at an advanced stage. I sincerely hope that all concerned can bring this matter to a speedy (after 15 years!!) conclusion.
Council are also taking traffic/pedestrian counts for a pedestrian crossing on the Rochestown Road adjacent to the Rochestown Auto Centre.
More next week.
Deirdre Fordre M.C.C.
PH: 4363318

Sincere thanks to everyone who helped/donated/supported me in fundraising to get me to East Timor. A special thanks to Val, Marie, Margaret and Mary O in St Columbas Hall for the use of the hall and help with the Sponsored Walk and to everyone who did the walk, filled cards and supported us.
Thanks to Mahon Golf Club especially Stephen Hickey for organising the Golf Classic. Thanks to the golfers and the sponsors for prizes.
Thanks to the band Orphan who played a great gig in the Spalpin as well as the sponsors of the spot prizes.
And to everyone for their well wishes.
East Timor has a very long way to go before they truly have independence. You cannot help but worry about their future. They are hurt and angry about the past and want to see some results.
Hopefully our work with Timor Aid will help…
Amanda Kelleher

Shamrock Lawn
Dear Michael
I just returned from my holidays and heard about the planned road going through Inchvale lane. Are they planning to drive right through the school entrance ? That means young children have two roads to cross while on their way to school.
Why didn't the school inform us about this before it closed for holidays ? How is it nobody told parents where this road is coming from and where is it going ? How can our children possibly be safe with another road almost on top of the school ? I dread to think of the chaos and danger another road so close to the school will cause.
Irate Parent
(Name and address with editor)

Woman's Page
Dear Michael
Well it's about time. “Woman to Woman” finally. This lady Patsy has reached out and grabbed this wonderful idea personal to women. I sat down last Saturday evening out on my patio. Kids driving me crazy over the weather etc. I got a glass of wine and the Douglas Weekly and sat out for an hour, reading this page. What fabulous tips. I read the Douglas Weekly every week, but nothing ever grabbed me on a personal note until “Woman to Woman”. It was great and made me feel good. Well done! Patsy! Keep it up!
Yours Sincerely
Mary Cottor, Douglas

More on Shamrock Lawn

To Douglas Weekly,
On Sunday I walked the green in Inchvale and saw the holes, gaps and twisted limbs where once there were trees. Beautiful mature trees have been damaged, some gone forever to be replaced by god knows what. Shamrock Lawn is the forgotten estate. For years we have been seeking ramps to protect our children's lives against speeding traffic. More and more interest's are using our estate as a rat-run to by pass the traffic congestion which is prominent where the traffic lights are situated at Grange Cross.
Our local politicians seem to be washing their hand of the situation and now another road is sought between the school and Inchvale Road.
Where are the Eco Warriors when you need them?
(Name and address with editor)

Hello South African's
Dear Editor,
I was fortunate to pick up a copy of your Douglas Weekly of the 11/7/02 Volume 5 issue 28. Wow! What an exciting publication.
How excited I was to see in the Letter's to the Editor a letter headed “From South Africa” and then to crown it all a tribute to our former president Nelson Mandela .
I now live and work in Cork in the Douglas area and certainly hope to stay for some considerable time. Having lived in England for two years & four months and not read a thing about South Africa in any local newspapers it felt like being at home (S.A.). I'm only here 20 days in Cork and have met six South Africans, three of which come from my home town Westville- Kivazulunatal. I would dearly love to hear from fellow ex-pats in the area.
Congratulations on a newspaper that has to be in my view truly international, together with all other local news. Well done ! Keep it up!
Yours on Flowers & Horticulture
Malcom Kitt ( 021 4292944)
P.S. Nothing to beat Irish Friendship

Anger in Alden
Dear Editor,
I am very concerned about the recent developments on Inchvale Lane and on the land in front of The Alden and Alden Grove Estates. This morning a laurel hedge, which was planted by The County Council on the boundary of Alden Grove, was ripped up by a digger working on the land. Only a timely intervention by one the Alden Grove Residents stopped further trees and hedging meeting the same fate.
Despite numerous requests the developer has refused to tell us what his plans are for this land. The County Council has told us that the developments on Inchvale Lane were not unauthorised and therefore they could take no action. Yet we have been unable to establish if there is permission for this development and what the development is.
Mature trees have already been damaged and as residents we have been kept completely in the dark as to the plans for this site. The developer wants the land rezoned. If you disagree with this please contact one of your seven county councillors to vote against this rezoning. I also ask you to attend the public meeting planned for Thursday to discuss this matter (meeting details elsewhere in this publication).
Yours sincerely,
Joanne McMahon

Residents Object

Dear Editor
As residents of Alden Grove, Shamrock lawn, we are writing to object to the destruction of our trees, which we believe were planted on private land, by the builder of our estate.
On Tuesday last we were woken to the sound of a bulldozer ripping out these trees without any warning to the residents. If he had not been asked to stop by the residents, I feel he would have continued up rooting along our entire fence. These trees provide our privacy and reduce the level of the noise pollution.
Having a young family in Douglas, I feel this land should be developed for use of the community.
Yours Sincerely
Ian & Claire Taheny