1st August, 2002

A Conundrum, An Answer,
A Compliment, A Suggestion

Dear Sir
How can you get a Caterpillar into a site with no access in order to dig out of it ?
Well done on your coverage of the activities in Inchvale Lane. It is interesting that the tactics of the owner were not used to get access to the South Link. It is easier to take advantage of residents.
If you are not happy with the “ No Dumping” sign, take it down. I did. This may expedite discovery of who put it there.
Your Etc.
Eóin McMahon

Dublin Letter
Dear Editor,
Congratulations on the new Woman's page. I am originally from Douglas in Cork and my mother sends me on the odd copy of Douglas Weekly. I think the Woman's page is a great idea and I look forward to reading your articles. I also liked the feature on Rochestown Park Hotel. I had no idea they had so many facilities there...! The next time I am in Douglas I will definitely be trying some of them out.
Good luck with the Woman's page and I will send you on tips as I think of them which you might like to share with your readers.
Bye for now
Frankie Bridgestone, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

Children's Letter
Children's Opinion. We Have Our say!

At one time the lane was full of towering mature trees, shrubs, bushes and wildlife. Now it is reduced to rubble, litter, rotting stumps and squashed bird carcasses. Our friends and we wandered this desolate pathetic wasteland. Not even Cathal Martin could crack a smile! We can't allow this work to continue! Another main road more traffic congestion! There is already too much traffic from the surrounding estates leading into the village, especially before and after school hours. There is also a greater risk to children attending the St.Columba's Schools. They will lose the main entrance to the Schools if the work continues. That means busy roads to cross and more chance of accidents occurring. The main road will spoil the beautiful land around the school. The wildlife in the lane is also fading fast. Many birds nest's in the hedgerows and countless nest's and birds have been destroyed by the work, including; Wrens, Finches and Robins. Grey Squirrels, Hedgehogs and rarely Red Foxes and stray pets scavenge for food there. We must protect nature at all costs.
Pollution is yet another important issue. Litter is building up in the lane at a great rate. The traffic is also a terrible pollution problem. Stop it for the sake of the environment. They cannot get a3ay with this. It's a disgrace! The Council acted far too late and a lot of damage is done. We feel a few members of the Council are not on our side. It is the special bit of green; everyone loves it, from the youngest children to the elderly residents.
Sometimes the children are overlooked in important issues such as this, but we have our rights! Look to the kids for the future of the trees! We should have our say!
Replant the Lane with trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers. Make a sign out of recycled wood showing the different trees and animals in the lane. Have a forest dirt walk to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Hang a few birdfeeders here and there. Have volunteers (such as ourselves) to collect the litter every two weeks. Ensure tighter security so youths don't smoke or drink in the Lane. And have the people of Douglas replant the trees rather than the County Council. These are our suggestions.
And at the risk of repetitive:
You know we gotta …… Save The Trees!!!
Niamh Warner (11) & Irene O'Callaghan (10)
Inchvale Drive
With special thanks to Regina O'Callaghan. (No adult helped us with this letter)

Incinerator !

Dear Editor
Please allow me some space to make a very important point about incinerators. As an ex operator of incinerators for eight years there is no such thing as a 'Safe Incinerator'. The amount of its burnload per day is a general rule. But rules are always broken. After midnight when people are sleeping - make no mistake about it I often broke the rules because I was ordered to do so by my boss.
Bosses want a Cork Burner. Nothing about what the people want. If 18,000 people said No! Surely the Cork Chamber of Commerce are not stupid enough to try and override them.
I am dissatisfied with them to even try and force it on the people.
I fully agree with the people; Enough is Enough!
No Incinerators in Ringaskiddy! Please!
Joe Brown

A Killing in Achill ?

Dear Editor
With regards to Our lady appearing in Achill Co, Mayo: I have great devotion to Mary the Mother of God. Her medals with me always. Mary and my beloved wife Mary, brought me through a dark period in my life and I believe in the Hereafter.
But a sceptic by nature. Was this story of a vision in Achill the brainchild of a town suffering tourist wise from a poor summer? I hope not!
God, or should I say Mary, only knows!
Neil O'Donoughue
Greenhills Court