8th August, 2002

Disgusting Fountainstown
Dear Sir,
I am writing to your paper to let people know how disgusting the facilities at Fountainstown beach are. I have never seen anything so disgraceful. Can anyone explain why our beaches are so dirty and there are no facilities for the public?
Kind Regards
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Disgraceful Fountainstown
Dear Editor,
On this Monday Bank Holiday ( 5/8/02) our family went to Fountainstown , as you know it's nice and local and it was a scorching day. We went to use the toilets but they were closed and to my horror there were two Porta Toilets and they were disgusting and dirty. We had to go around the back of the toilet block to have a pee. The beach was packed with families and small children. The Council were supposed to have fixed the toilets but as usual they are too lazy to do it. It's disgraceful and very degrading not to be able to use a proper toilet.
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Hunt Saboteurs
Dear Editor
The fundamental demand of the philosophy of animal rights is to treat humans and other animals with respect. To do this requires that we not harm anyone so that we ourselves or others might benefit. It is a philosophy of peace. But it is a philosophy that extends the demand for peace beyond the boundaries of our species.
For there is a war being waged, every day, against countless millions of non-human animals. To stand truly for peace is to stand firmly against speciesism. It is wishful thinking to believe that there can be "peace in the world" if we fail to bring peace to our dealing with other animals.
The philosophy of animal rights demands a commitment to serve those who are weak and vulnerable, those, whether they are humans or other animals, lack the ability to speak for or defend themselves, and who are in need of protection
against human greed and callousness. This philosophy requires this commitment not because it is in our self-interest to give it but because it is right to do so.
Yours sincerely.
John Tierney Campaigns Director-Association of Hunt Saboteurs
PO Box 4734 Dublin 1

The people of Tipperary have come out strongly against a proposed incinerator in Rosegreen. However, it was the "horsey people" who instigated this campaign and have put thousands of euro and full-time staff into this. They openly admit that the dioxins created by this incinerator will be far less than those emitted from a plant burning municipal waste.
The news for Cork people is that not only will we be having a municipal waste incinerator but also a hazardous waste incinerator which is far more lethal. Is it a case of horses being more important than people and our children? It is time you show your concern for the future of your children and do something about this.
Ann Kirwan

Can You Help ?
Can you tell me if the Donal Meade who plays for Douglas Seniors GAA is the same Donal Meade who went to St. Malachy's college in Belfast a million years ago. Actually I should rephrase that. What I mean to ask is that if the GAA
player IS the same Donal Meade, perhaps he would like to contact an old school friend.
Alan Morris