7th November, 2002

Letter on Frankfield re-Zoning,
received too late for last week's edition

To the Editor,
There is a re-zoning application being put forward, to re-zone a green belt to a residential zone in Frankfield-namely at the back of Curraghwoods and DunVale Estates. Friday 1st November 02 is the last day for receipt of objection to this proposal. I am late in writing to your Magazine - but I want to make sure you know of how strong this objection is for this proposed re-zoning in my area, at any time now or in the future.
There is an application put forward to rezone an area at the back of Curraghwoods and 2 areas at the back of DunVale Estates from a "Green Belt" zone to a Residential Zone with access to the adjoining estates i.e.
Curraghwoods and DunVale- in effect increasing the number of houses in both estates. A public meeting was held on Tuesday 29th Oct 02 at the Frankfield Golf Club to discuss this, both to inform the residents of what exactly is involved in the proposed re-zoning and the affect of the re-zoning would have and also to inform the Councillors that attended of the strong objections and concerns that the residents have - they include:
1.Increased traffic congestion in Frankfield/Grange area.
2.Increased danger to small children, and the elderly etc.
3.Roads are not wide enough to park 2 cars opposite each other
and have enough room for another vehicle to pass comfortable between them.
4.N.B. Increased pressure on the underground springs that NATURALLY occur in Curraghwoods.

This last point I would like to emphasise, since its nature your dealing with, I have actually seen a spring flowing from a green at the back of Curraghwoods, cascading down the green onto the roadway and flowing down through the middle of the estate where it eventually finds the front entrance and escapes into the main road outside Curraghwoods. A concerned resident last night noted at the Public Meeting that her back garden had been flooded on numerous occasions and the Builders -O'Flynn Construction- had been back on those occasions to, attempt to rectify the problem - at least 3 times -what does that imply! - You can't control Mother Nature. My point is a very simple one, if more houses are built in the area, it will cause increased pressure on the spring underground and no-one can predict where or when the springs will come to the surface, perhaps in gardens but more worrying under houses, under the roadways - which obviously will go un-noticed for a very long time perhaps years, therefore causing untold damage to, in particular our houses that are now homes. I admit I am not qualified to assume this but it does seem the logical view.
I cannot emphasise it strongly enough the objection there is for this rezoning now or in the future.
My view on the Public Meeting: There was a great turn out from the residents so much so that the meeting had to be held in 2 separate sittings - shows the strong objection there is to this proposal. It appeared that all councillors that attended were against the re-zoning, we can only wait and see the true outcome of the vote on this re-zoning and see actually, how the wheels of local government actually turn.
Thank you
Paschaline Griffin
(Concerned Resident of Curraghwoods)

Thank You Deirdre Forde
Dear Michael.
We would like to give a very big 'THANK YOU' to Deirdre Forde M.C.C. for her help in solving a serious situation and preventing the flooding of our homes in St. Patrick's Tce. And also Leo O'Leary for his co-operation
Tom Stout
Helen Fitzgerald

Thank You Grange Restaurant

Dear Michael,
Please could you allow Agnes and I through the "Douglas Weekly". Thank you Bernd Gronwold and his staff of the Grange Bar and Restaurant for providing such a perfect venue for our wedding recently.
The food and service were first class and the care and attention to detail were excellent.
Bernd and his staff couldn't do enough for us and we could only recommend the Grange Bar and Restaurant as the perfect wedding venue.
Thank you once again to all concerned.
Yours Sincerely
Simon and Agnes Webster

Blood Sports a Reply

Dear Blood Sports Fan,
I have to admit my disapointment when reading your views concerning blood sports. I have realised my naivity in believing that my generation were more of a piece loving people.
I know all the young people I have known have shared my disgust towards these bloody games, because lets face it , that's all they are.
How you can put "Blood Sports", "Countryside" and "Heritage" in the same sentence is beyond me and how could I forget "Unique Culture".
I have been to lots of places and luckily nobody I met had any idea of this 'Unique' part of our 'Hertiage'.
As for it being a natural method of raising food, give me a break! Admit it, it's the kill that trills you and unfortunetly I am not qualified to lecture you on that. Next time give the animals of the countryside a break and shop at your local supermarket. You have heard of a supermarket haven't you ?
(Name and Address with editor)

Rising Crime

Dear Michael,
Volume 5 Issue 42 (Oct 17th 2002) I am referring to the above issue where you discussed the matter of our rising crime rate in the city. It is quiet sad and upsetting to see the deterioration of the streets in the recent few years. I'm sure many of us have on numerous occasions had the discussions yet no one has reached the conclusion. If we cast our minds back to 30 / 40 years ago we can all say that life was so much easier then. Perhaps it was to a certain extent; perhaps it was safe to walk down the streets at night but was it always safe inside doors for people? We have heard horrific stories uncover via media coverage of the abuse in particular of the Catholic Church in this country A sick and twisted organisation that has done untold damage to the lives of so many men, women and children Granted perhaps the church advocated the "family Unit" and how one should stay in the holy sanctity of Marriage till the bitter end. And I'm sure that if the elders of those days were here today to see the disastrous lifestyle that some children are being raised in with "mammy is now living with her friend uncle Joe" etc. They would be the first to stand up and blame the "family unit" and perhaps they too have a point. Respect and trust has gone from the very unit of the majority of children's lives in this country. They have been selfishly brought into this world by "adults?" who don't think before they act They have been tossed aside as their "parents?" start new lives regardless of the effect on these innocent ones who will undoubtedly suffer and perhaps even mimic their parents due to their mixed up / confusing childhood, I guess it's just a vicious circle. To blame a government / local politicians is not fair as I'm sure you will see if you do decide to go for election in 2004 as you mentioned in last
weeks magazine. Now it is not fair to blame all parents for the behaviour of their children but perhaps if some people just started to remember that they actually have children and from the moment of their conception they are responsible for their sibling for at least 18 years, they should start to see that they now have to behave with their children in mind and not just do what makes them happy as their actions will now effect so many other lives also.
How do you feel on the issue Michael?
Mary O Sullivan , Grange-Douglas