1st July 1999
Video Review

Rush Hour (15)

Director: Brett Ratner
Starring: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Tom Wilkinson, Elizabeth Pena
Rush Hour is the latest Jackie Chan movie to come high-kicking its way out of Hong Kong, ready to kick our lily asses. Hiii-yah!
Okay, so this one was actually made by Hollywood, but you know what I mean. That’s the great thing about a Jackie Chan flick - you always know what to expect. Lots of action, sub-cretinous plot development, hilarious slapstick, and basically just a whole heap of fun, with Jackie saving the goodies from the baddies by karatisizing them (for want of a better word).
Here he plays a Hong Kong cop who goes to America to save the daughter of a prominent diplomat (who is also his best friend). The twist is that he’s paired with an American cop (Tucker). This guy is like the poor man’s Eddie Murphy, and somehow manages to be extremely irritating and genuinely funny at the same time...which is quite a talent.
Much fun and excitement ensues, as Jackie displays his fairly impressive athleticism and imaginative action set-pieces, and Tucker wanders around the place screaming stupid dialogue like “I been lookin’ for your sweet-and-sour chicken ass!” Honestly. That’s actually in the script.
Overall, Rush Hour is good craic for an hour and a half, although not one of the Chanmeister’s finer moments (that honour would belong to the classic Enter the Twin Fisted Dragons Part IV. If you like chop-socky flicks, then check it out. (3)
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