9th March, 2000
Notice Board


Here are some events worth looking for in the month of March:
March 13th: 1st quarter of Moon @ 06.58.
March 20th: Equinox @ 07.34. This is when the Sun is at one point of the two points where it's path around the sky crosses the celestial equator. Day and night are of equal length everywhere. The vernal equinox (March) marks the start of the Spring in the Nothern Hemisphere.
March 20th: Full moon @ 04.43
March 28th: Last quarter of Moon @ 01.20.


The Transition year students of Regina Mundi are holding a Fashion Show at the Imperial Hotel on 15th March. All are welcome !


Winners of the door prizes at the Home Design 200 Exhibition: :
Maher Sports £1000 worth of Sports Equipment:
Martha Kealy, Maryborough, Douglas, Cork.
Corrin Wood - £1000 worth of furniture:
Ian Slattery, Freemount, Co. Cork.
Weekend in Galway Bay Hotel:
Fiacra Gibbons, Ovens, Co. Cork.


Two distinguished Gaelgoiri visited the Club Cupla Focal in the Carrigaline GAA Pavilion on Thursday last. Both Padraig O'Cuainahain and An tAthair Tomas O'Murchu are well known promoters of the Irish language all their lives. Padraig O'Cuainahain who runs Gael Taca was instrumental in setting up Gael Scoil Charraig Ui Leighin and several others in Co. Cork. While An tAthair O'Murchu promotes Gaeilge from Colaiste Fionnbarra, Farranferris.
The weekly Thursday night gathering from 8pm - 10pm is proving to be a great social outing. Many of those attending are fluent and appreciate the opportunity to meet and speak in their native tongue. Others with just a cupla focal are improving and are pleased with the encouragement they get. Newcomers are always welcome.


You can learn to set dance at the Owenabue Valley Traditional Group's 4th Annual Set Dance Workshop Weekend, in Carrigaline GAA Pavilion, on March 10th, 11th and 12th. The tutor, Pat Murphy (Toss the Feathers) is renowned throughout the world as the best, by both beginners and improvers.
Friday 10th is the gathering night with a traditional music session in the lounge followed by a Ceili Mor with the Tadhg Kearney Ceili Band. On Saturday 11th registration is at 10.00 am, with the workshop from 10.30 am to 5.00 pm, breaking for lunch from 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm. The Ceili Mor is from 9.30 pm - 1.30am with a break for tea, sandwiches and scones, music by the Michael Sexton Ceili Band.
Sunday morning Aifreann as Gaeilge is in the Church of Our Lady & St. John at 10.00 am. Back to the GAA for the morning workshop from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm, followed by an afternoon ceili from 2.30 pm. to 5.30 pm, ceol by Michael Sexton. It promises to be a great weekend with many inquiries received from at home and abroad. The organisers are sparing no effort to make everyone welcome, especially beginners and improvers.


The Mardyke Entertainment Centre reopened with Phase 1 of its new operation in the East Wing of the building - The Mardyke Snooker Club. This is the first leisure centre to open in Cork in the last ten years.
It's over 18 months since the devastating fire that left the historic building destroyed. Phase 1 consists of 11 Tournament Snooker tables in a new look snooker hall that has a radically different feel and look while maintaining traditional Snooker features. This is definitely Snooker for the 21st century.
The East Wing also house's 9 brand new SAM American Pool tables the first of their kind in Ireland. These 9' tables are the "real thing" with speed cloth for a fast and exciting game. Also there are the very latest Video and interactive games.
Phase 1 has now been up and running since the end of January. Phase 2 will open at the end of May with Bowling, Internet Café, Restaurant, American Pool, and Video Games. The entire centre is a must for all game players, so why not call in and see for yourself.


There is to be a Coffee Morning at St. Mary's Hall, Marmullane, Passage West on Saturday 11th March, 2000 from 10.30am to 12.30pm. All proceeds are in aid of Marymount Hospice and the morning will include a super raffle and various stalls. All are welcome and admission is £1 (including tea/coffee and scones).

...continued from last week

Caritas in Sweden through Moscow-Caritas has been of great assistance in this mission. Together, with her husband Viadislaw, she helps to buy foods and clothes for prisoners whose families request such help. A lot of my own time in Penza is concerned with helping prisoners to post letters or contact their families or relatives in various countries around the world. Every week I receive about 30 letters which is about 2 days work alone. Helping me via the Internet I have friends in the USA, Nigeria, England and Germany. They graciously help to contact and advice the relatives and friends of the prisoners in Russia.
Early in 1999 we asked the city authorities in Penza to allocate us some land in the centre of the city so that we could build a small church. All our efforts to restore the old church building were in vain. and maybe just as well, as the cost of restoring it would have been immense. The chief city architect however, refused us land saying that the community was too insignificant and that the Orthodox Church in Penza was against. Therefore in the summer months we began negotiations about the purchase of a building in the city centre. In August we found a small house which we bought and now serves as our parish centre. The first floor is now our chapel. the basement floor is equipped with a small kitchen. office area and parish library. At the moment this is sufficient but in the near future it will be necessary to build a church. In the next few months we will start negotiations for a plot of land again.

Although the parish is still small, the parishioners in the parish represent the intelligentia, which suggests the important mission which we can have in provincial Russian society. Most of the people can speak a second language and one Sunday when we had an American guest, of ten people who stayed for tea afterwards, eight could speak English.
In Syzran 270 kms east of Penza, the parish has become more stable and independent. One of our great difficulties here is heating the building in winter. Accordingly, over the last two months w have been busy trying to insulate the chapel. Early in the year we purchased half of a small house next door, a purchase which was feasible due to the fall of the rouble and which has provided us with the possibility to receive guests. At the moment we are in negotiation about obtaining the house on the other side of the parish. In this way we will be able to hold retreats and offer parishioners from afar the necessary hospitality. Another development in the Syzran parish is the generous allocation of land to the parish for a Catholic graveyard. The plot, a little outside the city is at the edge of one of the graveyards and overlooks the mile wide Volga which flows 500 yards below it. If God wills. we hope to place a large Cross overlooking the Volga.
The second part of the year has been marked by problems with the re-registration of the parish under the new Russian law of the freedom of conscience and religious organisations. Unexpectedly, and unlike the authorities in other regions, the department of Justice in Samara region (within which Syzran is located) insisted on changes to the parish charters, changes which would cut out the bishop and reallocate his authority to a parish council or to the civil authorities. Thanks to international political and diplomatic support from the Vatican, the USA and from Ireland. the governor of Samara, Konstantin Titov, a presidential candidate, backed down from supporting the Department of Justice. However, the Justice people did not co-operate. It was necessary to complain them to the State Attorney. Whereupon they changed their demands to more paperwork, some of which went beyond the law. At the moment the question has been brought before the General State Attorney's office in Moscow. Hopefully by the end of February we should have a positive answer.


A traditional music session is on Friday night 10th March, in the Carrigaline GAA Club from 8.30pm - 10.30 pm. It's the gathering night for the Owenabue Valley Traditional Group set-dance workshop weekend. All traditional musicians are welcome. Following the session, Tadhg Kearney will play for the Ceili Mor until 1am.

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