5th July, 2001
Notice Board


Special notice from Douglas Garda

1. Arson at West Avenue, Parkgate on the 16th of June 2001.
2. Arson at East Avenue, Parkgate on the 23rd of June 2001
3. Attempted burglary at East Avenue, Parkgate on the 23rd of June 2001.

At about 2.30a.m. on Saturday the 16th of June 2001, fire and smoke damage was caused to a home at West Avenue, Parkgate, Erankfield, Douglas. Fire damage was confined to the bedroom.
At about 6.30a.m. on Saturday the 23rd of June 2001, extensive fire damage was caused to a home at East Avenue, Parkgate, Frankfield, Douglas. Fire damage was more extensive on this occasion.
Subsequent enquiries and investigations by Gardai discovered that an attempt was made to enter another dwelling at East Avenue, Parkgate, Frankfield, Douglas in the early hours of Saturday the 23rd of June 2001.
Garda investigations now indicate that the fires outlined above were malicious and that all three crimes are connected. House occupiers in all three cases were away from home for the weekend.
A red petrol can, with a black nozzled clipped to top and a black cap, was found by Gardai at the rear of the house at East Avenue, where an attempt was made to enter the house. A distinctive label with the brand name ‘PADDYCAN’ is positioned at the front of the can.
Gardai are carrying out extensive enquiries and investigations in relation to the origin of the fires and all homes in the area are being visited. Gardai are particularly interested in establishing the ownership of the PADDYCAN. There is reason to believe that it was purchased in Woodie's, Kinsale Road. Gardai in Douglas Station, Telephone 4891115/ 4894765 under Superintendent Brian Calnan, feel that someone in the locality may have information to offer in relation to the ownership of the can. They would particularly like to hear from anyone who is missing a similar can in the recent past, or anyone who has information as to the ownership of a similar can in the Cork South City area
Gardai are also investigating the possibility that the petrol can was filled in a local service station and would welcome any information from local outlets. Gardai acknowledge the co-operation afforded to them by local residents in the course of their investigations and enquiries. They would welcome any further information in confidence, in relation to these crimes.


Cork Chamber of Commerce has severely criticised a proposal by the Aviation Authority Regulation Commissioner, Bill Prasifka, on new increased landing charges proposed for Cork Airport.
Commenting on the proposals outlined in a Commission Paper this week the Chamber President, John Cashell, stated that “Cork was being punished for being amongst the most cost efficient and effective airport amongst its peers in European airports and in fact it is 44% more cost efficient in terms of operating costs than it’s UK peers, whilst at the same time being starved of capital investment by the Government”.
“Dublin and Shannon Airport development was funded by the Government directly at a time when Cork should also have had major investment and when it’s growth in traffic numbers merited and mirrored the overall growth of the region. Now that Aer Rianta has to fund its investment programme, Cork is expected to absorb exorbitant landing charges with no prospect of cross funding as existed heretofore” said John Cashell.
The Chamber of Commerce intends to mobilise all relevant organisations in the region to respond to these proposals by the Regulator within the necessary timeframe set out for such a submission.


My son has a disability and uses a wheelchair. I believe there is a parking permit, which would allow us to park in places designated for people with disabilities when he is with us. Could you please give the details?

The Disabled Persons Parking Card is available to people with disabilities whether a driver or a passenger and includes and includes passengers who are registered blind. It applies to the person rather than the vehicle. The person can take it with him/her and display it no matter who is driving or in what vehicle he/she is travelling.

The Parking Card allows the person to park in designated areas and also allows parking at parking meters and in disc parking zones FREE of charge.

If your son is in receipt of a Primary Medical Certificate (exempt from paying VAT, VRT and motor tax on your car and fuel) he will automatically qualify for the Parking Card but he must apply for it.

If he does not have the certificate he may still qualify. He will have to get a form completed by his doctor and by the Gardai.

The application form for the Parking Card as well as the forms for the doctor and Gardai are available from the following organisations…….

Disabled Drivers Association, Ballindine, Co. Mayo. Tel: 0904 64054/64266

Irish Wheelchair Association, Blackheath Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3. Tel: 01 8338241

Further information is available from these organisations and from your local Citizens Information Centre.


by Con Foley

...continued from last week.

"Richard John Galwey, Ardsallagh, Cork, son of the late Gerald Galwey of Cork (descendant of the branch of the Galweys who carried on their armorial escutcheon 2a and 3a the representation of Baal's Bridge, and that this coat was granted by Lionel Duke of Clarence to the first Sir John de Galwey for his signal services in defending Baal's Bridge, Limerick, against the great force of O'Brien of Thomond -. Married Cecilie Imelda Ronayne, daughter of Hatton Ronayne Conron, J.P., of the Grange Douglas."
Henry Foster Longfield, Grange Erin, Douglas, Cork; son of Henry Longfield, J.P., of Mallow, Co. Cork; born at Doneraile, July 19th, 1867; B.A. Dublin University, 189O. Barrister-at-Law; member of the firm of Warren and Michelli, land agents, has also an office at Mallow; Fellow of the Surveyors' Institution. Married, in 1894, Cherry Frances Pennefather, daughter of Captain R.L. Warren, of Queentown. Clubs: County and Royal Cork Yacht.
(next week Douglas Hall).


One day Henry Ford came upon a motorist with an expensive rival product, broken- down. Henry stopped and repaired the car. The non-technical motorist was very grateful and tried to press $1 into the 'Good Samarathen's ' hand. Henry refused saying he had plenty of money to which the motorist replied " but you cannot have, otherwise you would not be driving a Tin Lizzy"
Dan Dempsey's 24 hour rescue & Recovery, Kinsale 086-8217777


Some months ago a number of residents raised the matter of Dog Litter with me and I made a few enquiries at the Veterinary Dept. at Cork County Council. I was informed that there was a successful 'Dog Programme' operating in Youghal, Kinsale and elsewhere. The Council supplies special bins, signs, bags, gloves and in some instances shovels nicknamed 'pooper scoopers'. These are to encourage dog owners ( we recently acquired a lovely lively new puppy of the 'Heinz 57' variety!!! So I will be trying out myself ) to collect the litter when the dogs do what comes naturally and deposit it in the bin. I am happy to let readers know that the council has now agreed to place ten 'Pooper Scoopers' in the Douglas area. I have suggested that one is placed at each entrance to Douglas Community Park but perhaps readers would contact me if if they have any ideas of where they would be most beneficial.
The Cork Zoonoses Committee has published a very interesting leaflet about Toxocariasis which is an infection which can be picked up by humans as a result of coming in contact with dog or cat droppings infected with Toxacara. Although usually a mild infection in humans, Toxocariasis can have potentially serious health effects. Young children specially toddlers are most at risk as they commonly handle soil and dirty objects. They are likely to put their hands to their mouths, lick fingers and eat without prior hand washing. I have supply of these leaflets which explain the risks and symptoms and if any individual or group would like a copy I will be glad to send it to them.
Cllr. Deirdre Forde.


If you have lost an Ericsson mobile phone in the
Douglas area last weekend, please contact the
Douglas Gardai at 4891115


Joe Harris ALIA (Dip)

A number of people have asked me lately about repayment protector.

I find that with more concern about job security in some industries more people are looking for cover for their mortgage repayments in the event of redundancy.
Mortgage Repayment Protector usually covers accident, sickness and redundancy. The cost is around 2.25 per thousand.
Therefore a 100,000 mortgage would cost you 225 per year. So, in the event of redundancy for example, your mortgage would be paid for twelve months.
This cover is not to be confused with mortgage protection life cover or serious illness. They are two separate insurances entirely. There is no overlap between them in that one pays out a lump sum in the event of death or one of a list of serious illnesses, while the other makes your monthly mortgage repayments for 12 months in the event of a claim.
Mortgage Repayment Protector has to be taken out when you start your mortgage. Therefore if you are re mortgaging it is a good opportunity to avail of this cover if you have not got it in place.
There are a few options for those who have a current mortgage and don’ have this cover. First, there is Permanent Health Insurance (PHI). This is cover you can take out on its own or within a pension plan. It pays out a monthly income if in the event of ill health you become unable to do your job. This payment is paid up until you are 65 assuming you remain unable to work. It is also possible to claim tax relief on the cost of PHI. You have to be out of work at least 13 weeks before the cover kicks in. There is no cover in PHI for redundancy.
The other option is Serious Illness Cover – this will clear your mortgage completely in the event of diagnosis of one of 26 listed illnesses. Again there is no cover for redundancy on this plan.
As with all insurances it is important to read the small print and any document or information you are given to make sure you are covered for what you think you are covered for.

Joe Harris is a member of the Insurance Institute of Ireland


The Carers Association is the National Voluntary organisation of family carers in the home. Founded in 1987, the Association represents family carers and advocates for greater awareness and support for their work. Thousands of family Carers care at home for a person with a severe disability or who is frail in old age. This care is often provided for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Training Programme:
Many Carers find themselves in poor health arising from the long term stresses (both physical and emotional) of caring in the home. Simple mistakes in lifting and back care can cause the unnecessary suffering for both the Carer and the person receiving the care. Difficulties in coping with the stress of caring can affect both parties. Not knowing where to secure information and supports increases the sense of isolation and powerlessness.
Home Care Workers:
Caring at home and support for family Carers is becoming more and more important. People who wish to work with family carers - such as Home Care Workers - should have the opportunity for training with a view to developing their career in this important area.
The Course:
The Training Course is run over a 26 week period which consists of 13 modules. The Carer and the Home Care Workers attend a session for one morning every two weeks. The course is FREE to Carers. The course runs twice a year from a Resource Centre. The course is flexible and allows the trainees to continue their work in the home while gaining theoretical and practical skills. Training modules are delivered by skilled and experienced tutors with a deep understanding of the role of family Carers and Home Care Workers supporting the Carer at home.

The Modules:
Caring for yourself: Caring in the home:
Back care Practical Care Skills
Healthy Lifestyle The Person and Dementia
First Aid & Emergencies The terminally ill person/Bereavement
Safety First The Highly Dependent Person

The Carer as a Person:
Stress in caring
The Carer Centred Approach
Support Services for the Carer

The Training Course is not only Training but it is people coming together to support each other and sharing experiences.
Over the past 6 months, The Carers Association has been looking at the possibility of supporting male carers, as we believe that 20% of family carers in the Cork area are male. So we are delighted that among the group having completed the course there are two male carers.
For further information contact : The Carers Resource Centre, Penrose Wharf, Cork. Ph. 021-4503581/ 4550030 Fax: 4503002


Children’s Rights Information Bureaux, educating young people about their rights.
The national freephone helpline that has listened to over 1 million calls.

Protecting begging children by monitoring child begging on our streets and through a policy of education.

Youth Advice and Counselling Service.
Opening times are Thursday 4.pm – 5.30pm & Saturday 12.pm – 1.30pm

We are currently recruiting new volunteers for the above services. If you are interested please contact Joanne or Carolanne @ 021 4962949 for an application form or further information.

We Need Your Help!
ISPCC, 12 Mary Street, Cork. Tel: 021 4962949, Fax: 021 316961, website: , email: ipscccrk@indigo.ie

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